Every client of a Birmingham escort agency knows there are two types of reservations: outcall and incall. Some agencies offer outcall bookings, others incall, others both. In the case of outcall reservations, those girls come to your home or to the location you choose. In the case of incall bookings, you must go to that lady’s location. No matter what your preferences, you should know that in both situations there are advantages and disadvantages.

1. The first advantage of outcall reservations is the convenience of the customer. The client does not have to travel to another area of the city or another city in the region, but the girl comes to the customer’s location in complete discretion without attracting attention. In the case of outcall reservations within Birmingham, the client does not have to pay travel expenses for that lady (at least in the case of the Fantasy Escorts Agency), and donations to cover travel expenses in other cities have relatively low prices.

In the case of Incall reservations, the client has to pay his travel expenses to the location of that lady; he must find the address of this girl and he must arrive exactly at the scheduled time. Of course, with the growing traffic in the city, everything can become very stressful and you can waste a lot of precious time.

2. Your safety is another important element. For outcall reservations, the girl arrives at your chosen location. You are fully familiar with that building. You have absolute control. You will feel safe, you will be more relaxed. You will not have to visit the dangerous neighbourhoods.

In the case of Incall reservations, where you arrive does not always provide safety. You can not know who controls that house, nor good or bad intentions. It is good to have cash in your wallet only to pay for that reservation and the money you need to travel to that location and back to your home. The way the furniture is arranged in the room or the colour in which the walls are painted could create some discomfort if you are not a very easily adaptable person.

3. Privacy is another important element. Even if in both situations a professional agency offers full discretion, Incall reservations can have an advantage if at that time you can not invite an escort to your home and you do not even pay for a hotel room.

4. Donations are an advantage for Incall reservations. Because there are no escort travel costs and no time lost due to this, reservations can be short, even 30 minutes. Of course, in this type of very short bookings, you will not spend a very good time because everything will be rushed. However, you will pay less.

There is also a mixed reservation type, such as Dinner Date, which can be either Incall or Outcall or even in a third location, such as a Birmingham restaurant. In these situations, you and the escort have to travel.

Therefore, each of the two types of reservations has advantages and disadvantages. Of course, the choice is yours. But it is good to choose wisely.