“I noticed the ELITE badge to some girls from your Midlands escort agency, displayed in the upper right corner of the image. What does it mean? Is it advisable to book with priority these girls? Have I to make a bigger donation for these elite women? These escorts are available only in the city of Birmingham?”

This message is the question recently received from a client. We will try to answer this question.

1. That badge is mainly intended to distinguish between girls who had the best feedback from customers and other girls who received less feedback. We include in this elite category only girls who achieved a very positive feedback. Of course, this does not mean that other girls do not offer excellent service, but have not received feedback from customers, for various reasons (for example, some girls recently arrived on our team).

2. It is not necessarily advisable to book only “Elite” girls. Choose a woman that matches your preferences. There are very high chances that such a girl to be better for you than the one labelled “Elite”. Then, if you were satisfied, you can leave feedback at that girl’s profile, that will help that girl in time to be included in the elite category.

3. You do not have to make a bigger donation for Elite girls. We do not discriminate, all the girls ask the same donations for their time, whether they are elite or standard. But we symbolically reward these girls who have the best feedback, adding the badge “Elite”. So, the difference is somewhat metaphorical, not the difference in your donation.

4. These elite escorts, like other girls of our team, are available not only in Birmingham but also in the East Midlands, West Midlands and even surrounding geographical regions.

Hoping that we have explained in detail the “elite principle” at Fantasy agency, please choose what you like, not necessarily girls who were appreciated by other customers!