First time when you will meet an escort, you’re wondering how to impress without going overboard.

1. Use one of your bottles of perfume. Choose a powerful, sexy and mysterious fragrance, but not in industrial quantities. Try something original and masculine. Of course, first, you have to pay attention to body care. A shower is required before choosing your perfume.

2. Do not neglect your sense of humour. The woman will be impressed if you laugh at her jokes and if, in return, you’ll be able to “unfreeze” the atmosphere. Do not limit yourself to jokes. Says something funny. Do not bother with a fake smile. Behave naturally!

3. Each of us wants to be heard and to be the centre of attention. When your partner is talking, listen with the eyes, the mind and the soul! This behaviour can be attractive because certainly the escort is always very attentive to your needs and will always listen carefully.

4. Dress as you wish but not extravagant. Of course, how you dress will depend on the location of the date: elegant for restaurants, casual for a walk through town, convenient for home or hotel room. Also, say compliments about her clothes. But be honest, and do not overdo it, because you’ll get exactly the opposite effect.

5. It is very attractive if you start an interesting discussion. But do not be boring, telling gossip about your job. Watch the news or read a magazine before the date. And do not talk too much. Maybe the girl wants to tell you her opinion.

If you respect these few rules, you will have a fruitful and promising date, not only with an escort but also with any other girl. If you want to check these tips, see our gallery of beautiful women, book a girl and then start practising these little secrets. We guarantee that after a few bookings you will become a true master of seduction!