If you are one of the escort girls in the West Midlands and especially in Birmingham, you are certainly interested in finding out how you can attract more gentlemen and ladies. Surely you know that without promoting yourself in print newspapers and online platforms, you will not get many reservations. But this is not enough, as competition is very high in this important metropolis in the UK. Therefore, you must attach great importance not only to the quality of your services and your physical appearance but also to how you present all these qualities.  For example, if the presentation text is too short or not original, search engines on the internet will ignore your profile and your success rate will be reduced by over 80%.

Unless you will benefit from the professional promotion services offered by one of the top escort agencies in Birmingham, in broad cases, you will need to learn a few elements to make your promotion more efficient. If you want to attract a lot of views and potential customers, it is a great idea for your profile or ads to be well written. You have seen that many online platforms are kept on top of the search engine results. What is the secret? It’s a simple one: quality content, useful, original and often updated.

Based on the same principles, the description of your escort services should be well written. That is, you must present the description of these services, but also a fair and honest presentation of your personality. Usually, the Birmingham agencies make such descriptions for your profile, after discussing with you in advance. But you can do the best description yourself because you know these aspects best. Do not copy texts from other descriptions you find on the Internet, the copied content is useless and is proof of plagiarism and search engines will not appreciate your profile.

Do not use sentences less than 5 words unless the text construction sometimes requires it. Also, do not repeat the same phrase several times. The text should not be too short, but a minimum of 50-100 words. A description is not a title, it is a description: you don’t have to write novels, but it is not advisable to write just a few words. An escort who does not have much to say about her will not be really interesting. In any case, you must also respect the idea of quality over quantity.

Writing should be natural, do not unnaturally use keywords, as you may have read in some tutorials. Your goal is to inform your clients correctly, not to try to fool search engines. You will not be able to get many reservations unless you write natural and useful. Make sure you let your personality shine through the text. Say what makes your services unique. If you’re playful, explain that. Some Birmingham escorts think that if they superlatively present their personality, they will attract more customers. Although some traits may be admirable, if they do not characterize you, there are other ways to describe your personality and your most true traits: present them in the most real way.