First, we must make the difference between “sensual” and “sexy”. While most people consider synonymous these terms, however, there are some significant differences. An escort can have only one of these traits and, in rare cases, both. The term “sexy” refers to physical appearance and “sensual” is more a state of mind. Sensuality means the pleasure of mind, “sexy” means the pure pleasure of the body.

A sexy escort is dressed provocatively, uses a stronger makeup, has attractive body shapes in a sexual way. She puts more emphasis on partner satisfaction, she moves and dresses to maximise fulfilment partner’s desires. A sexy girl attracts attention mainly through the eyes, lips, breasts, round shapes, long legs and provocative smile and dance.

But a beautiful escort is someone who enjoys her beauty; she loves all natural aspects of her body, loves to interact with people by pure femininity, innate or acquired. She learned a lot about her body and mind, knows how to move provocative, but naturally, without exaggeration. She is aware of her senses and wants to feel pleasure, not just to offer. Sensuality is connected more by instincts than being determined by physical traits.

Sensuality is innate sometimes, but often it is obtained by focusing the mind, to impress all the senses of her partner. He must feel emotion, not just satisfaction. Sensuality is a sense of inexplicable attraction, a level of comfort, honesty between partners. A sensual escort wears dresses made of silk, satin, velvet and other fabrics that offer a pleasant and elegant sensation. She wearing dresses and not pants. Fragrances must be sophisticated, but not necessarily strong.

Of course, what it seems sensual for a man may seem sexy to another and vice versa. Tastes are not discussed. But it is sure that you can find hundreds of sexy escorts in Birmingham and thousands in The Midlands and UK, but only 1% are sensual. Nobody can offer some general rules. So it is best always to choose a sensual escort if you think that woman has this trait.