If you want maximum satisfaction, then maybe it is advisable to become an ideal customer of these escorts. Therefore we’ll offer some tips. It is not enough to book one of our beautiful escorts, but you must have a real gentleman behaviour if you like the girls to feel better and give you more than just a simple service. In this way, your wishes will be fulfilled ten times better, and you will become not only an ideal client but also an extraordinary gentleman.

1. When looking for a girl, choose just what you like. Do not book an escort service just to test it, but make sure it matches your preferences. For this purpose, you should read the descriptions in the profiles of girls, to see if the skills, personality, orientation and physical appearance are what you want. By following these simple steps, your chances to meet a lady on your taste are very high, and between you and one of the girls from our escort agency, there will be a spiritual harmony. Compatibility will be a basic premise for your satisfaction, and you will get more than you expected.

2. Treat escorts with good manners. There are many things that these girls adore them, and one of them is to meet a man who knows how to behave with a woman. In any case, you do not use rude gestures or bad language; such conduct is likely to disturb some girls. Do not ask indiscreet questions about the personal life of escort or other customers, so avoid unnecessary discussions, especially since probably already you know the answer to many questions, being rhetorical. Avoid asking a girl if she is clean, because it is impossible that such an elite escort not take care of his wardrobe or hygiene, and anyway you can check this with your senses.

3. Usually, the girls have a nickname for this profession because they want their personal life uncompromised in any way. So avoid asking girls from Fantasy Escorts agency about their actual name, personal phone number or where they live. Do not ask about what you get for your money. At such a stupid question you’ll probably get an answer like: “You bought some hours of my time.” Other idiotic questions might be: “In real life, you married?”, “How many clients did you have today?” or “Do you like this profession?”

4. Another important aspect is hygiene. Be clean, elegantly dressed, brush your teeth. Also, stop drug and alcoholic drinks before the meeting. Possibly avoid smoking if this escort is not a smoker. Your room should be clean. Consider that donation is a gift for a girl. make your donation before starting her services and, after completing the services, say a simple thank you. Also, you should be punctual in the location of your romantic date, and it is good if you announce in advance if you delay.

Maybe these tips seem trivial, but you will see that they will help make a big difference. You will become a highly valued client, and escorts prefer you always. You will get the best service, and you will be a favourite customer because so deserves gentlemen: the best moments and greatest satisfaction!