Of course, every man is different. Because of this, when choosing an escort, some customers search for specific physical traits and a unique personality, suited to their preferences. However, five common traits are valued by all gentlemen, when they book a companion in Birmingham or another region of The Midlands.

1. The escort shall provide excellent service, but in complete confidentiality. Not just self-confidence is necessary. Customers want their personal lives to be better protected. Therefore, these men prefer to book girls in full privacy, usually through an agency. So, with few rare exceptions, customers want to enjoy this adventure in complete confidentiality.

2. That girl must have a sense of humour. When a client book an escort, he does not want a sad woman. Men want to have fun with a lady who can make jokes. If a girl always has a smile on her lips and respond with a positive attitude, these signals are a grant for a relaxing date. Also, if the girl offers moments that proves an open mind, then it is better.

3. Men prefer women who care about their physical appearance. An escort must be clean, know how to dress nicely, have a stylish makeup and a body with curves in place. If a companion does not take care of these issues, it will be difficult to find customers. Even a professional agency can not help in this regard. Undoubtedly, any man will not be too excited about a partner who neglects their personal hygiene. Also, health is critical. A woman with a healthy appearance and in good shape will always find a partner.

4. The escort must be sympathetic and approachable, must easily understand the partner’s desires. If a customer is a beginner, the girl must be careful and attentive, gentle and warm. From the first moment when she enters the door, that companion must create a friendly atmosphere. This girl must be able to have a simple conversation and to be able to feel what her partner wants.

5. Men are attracted to women who care about their partner. From simple gestures and words to a complex body language, everything must be in harmony. Nobody wants an escort with a fake smile; nobody will book again a girl who always looked at the clock, eagerly waiting to meet another client. It is a golden rule in this industry: the customer is the centre of attention!

Of course, other traits and skills are necessary. But these five essential elements presented above should be met by any professional escort, without discrimination. So whether a customer lives in a big city like Birmingham or a small village in The Midlands, quality of service should be the same.