If you spend too much time on the internet, you believe that men are divided into two camps: either some are cute puppies trying to meet his love by particular methods, or are some who think that flirting is to be dressed after latest fashion. We do not say that this finding is 100% wrong, yet it seems too many guys believe in love formula, but none of these approaches has always hit a woman.

Of course, we know that not all males are some people without imagination. But the truth is that boys have given up the flirt. Girls do not require you to behave like in love movies, but girls want you to attract them in original modes. So we’ve compiled a guide to help you bewitch girls, not embarrass yourself.

Do not pretend you do not look at pictures of girls in bikinis. We are all superficial, desperate and lonely, so it’s pointless to hide. But when you introduce yourself, do not describe yourself as “fan of alcohol”. Drinks are not a substitute for personality. It is not necessary to specify the height, but you’d be naive to think that girls do not care about it, so post a photo of you in the whole plan, next to a unit such as a lamppost or if you are very small, a cat or a coin.

Believes that these topics are banned from the chat: your plans for the weekend; your terrible hangover; musical genres; what did you study in college. It is useless to talk nonsense with an unknown girl, ask a direct meeting. If you get stuck in discussions about her college or exact location of her office, you failed. Many men have the habit of doing copy-paste from messages on Facebook, that forgot how to talk to ladies face to face. As cynical is a girl, it’s nice to know that someone wants to be with her. To approach a girl in an awkward situation, you need courage. Girls like courage.

In an ideal world, girls were walking alone with vials filled with tears of loneliness hung from her neck. But unfortunately, you will have to pass a tiring match of discussion, to find out if she is single or is taken. Apartment parties are a great trap in this sense: you have every chance you get to flirt with a girl while you sit on the couch next to her boyfriend. It may sound stupidly simple, but the quickest way to find out is to ask her with whom she came to the party.

No matter how cool it would be partying in the apartment, somewhere around the age of 25 years you get tired of them. But fortunately, you have the option to meet us girls in bars and clubs. If you’re not good to communicate with body language, it’s best to approach the girl at the bar. Do not let her princess face to intimidate you, or if she stands with her back to you or her staring at the bartender, hoping to talk to him. Smile! Introduce yourself. Buy a drink for the girl. Maybe feminism killed chivalry, but everybody likes free stuff.

At this point, how can you tell if she likes you? Her friends seem a little nervous on her? She does not eat a hotdog? Did she touch you with his arm (which really is a problem)? It appears that you have a chance.

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