As in any industry, escort agencies provide services with names that make them look luxurious. It is a normal phenomenon and is part of the advertising procedures. But customers sometimes feel a bit cheated. Everyone says that offers elite escorts, the best and beautiful girls and so on.

But nobody says what means this elite ladies. Some agencies or women publish processed images in photo editing software, inducing the idea that an elite girl is one real beauty and nothing more. Many customers donate for regular services, believing that elite ladies accompanied them.

We feel obliged to present the characteristics of an elite girl so that in the future you make the correct choice. If at least one of these conditions below is not fulfilled, then you have not received one of the elite escorts, but an amateur for which you have paid more than worth it.

1. Open-minded. Any of the elite girls must have an open mind. But what is it? Well, it is simple: the girl must be smart, try to accept new and beautiful experience, seek to do everything possible to meet customer needs, not to motivate different pretexts or that cannot participate in a particular activity. So the girls must have that life experience that helps you relax completely, and your needs are met.

2. Girlfriend experience. There are no elite escorts who cannot provide complete GFE services. When you meet with these ladies, no one should feel that you are in arm with a girl that you paid for her services. All must believe that is your new girlfriend. So, besides feelings that you normally have when you’re with a real girlfriend, the lady must know how to behave in society, with elegance and grace.

3. Style and cleanliness. The style is not only behaviour but also a suitable wardrobe. When she meets with you, the girl must not only be clean but also beautifully dressed. If the girl has dirty or torn dresses, she certainly did not give much respect oneself, nor for the services. So she is not one of the elite escorts.

4. Good mood. A girl who comes to you with an angry face, which seems bored, looking forward to finalising the time for which you paid, is not one of the elite escorts, no matter how beautiful she is. Lady should be joyful, full of life and eager for fun so that she sends you this good mood. The purpose for which you paid is to make you feel good, not to feel worse.

5. Discretion. Any elite girl must provide complete privacy. Should not attract public attention when she comes to you, do not say anything about what other people had done or have discussed when they were her clients. Such gossip does not indicate privacy, and that lady certainly is not one of the elite escorts, no matter how sexy are her lips, which she does not knows to keep them locked.

These are the five golden rules that differentiate an elite escort, compared with the amateur escorts. Now you know how to choose next time.