How are you, my dear readers ? Did you know that we live in the hottest times? And when I say hot times, literally speaking!

Scientists announced today that it has reached a new record temperature, the warmest June in the past 135 years is 2015.

The first six months of 2015 also set a record temperature, according to the monthly report of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

“Global average temperature at the earth’s surface and oceans in June 2015 was the highest for June since the start of monitoring in 1880,” said National Center for Environmental Information NOAA.

“The average temperature for June at the Earth’s surface and oceans was 1.58 degrees Fahrenheit (0.88 degrees Celsius) above the average of the twentieth century”, according to the researchers. The previous record was set in June 2014, NOAA said.

For the first six months of this year exceeded the 2010 record heat temperatures: “The earth’s surface and oceans were 1.53 degrees Fahrenheit (0.85 degrees Celsius) above the century average. It was the warmest January-June period from 1880 to 2015, “said NOAA.

The amount of ice in the Arctic was only 350,000 square miles (906,496 square kilometers), 7.7 percent lower than the average of the period 1981-2010. “This was the third lowest amount in June since the beginning of measurements in 1979,” concluded NOAA.

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