It’s hard to answer this question because surely every escort has a large number of ideal clients. Some companions are eager to meet certain gentlemen, appreciated for their particular behaviour. But how get these customers the ladies’ friendships? Have clients behaved in an original or respectful way? Were these gentlemen cheerful? Reasons can be simple, and some less obvious. Here are some examples that can turn you into the ideal customer.

All the escorts that you can meet in Birmingham or elsewhere in the UK certainly appreciate respectful behaviour. If the client speaks nicely and does not use ugly words, if he is not under the influence of drinks, if the gentleman is clean and beautifully dressed, he has already won half of the lady’s heart. Also, if he invited that escort at least once a month to a romantic dinner, a restaurant, or even a home dinner, another quarter of the lady’s heart will be charmed. But to become the ideal client, there is still a quarter of the heart to conquer. It’s not a big secret, but you have to do the following:

– Do not ask for the escort’s private phone number to bother her after a meeting with text messages or calls. If you want to spend more time with that lady, you better book an extra hour.

– Tell that you liked to meet her and that you will reserve a future meeting as soon as possible. This behaviour will be a great compliment.

– Do not try to give gifts. You may not know the escort’s preferences, and maybe you will buy something useless, or that is not in her taste. Rather than spending money on unnecessary things, better reserve a dream night with that companion. With the money she earns, the lady will be able to buy what she wants.

– Do not be indiscreet. Questions like “How many clients did you meet today?” or “Am I your first client today?” will destroy all the fun.

– Do not force that lady to try unpleasant experiences. You always ask if she agrees to try something. You will be appreciated if the woman notices that you care about her preferences.

– The place of the meeting must be clean and safe, and the atmosphere must be romantic. Not just personal hygiene is important: if a customer meets an escort in a messy room, surely the evening will not be a nice one.

So these are small tips for you to be a dream client. If you are trying to become a favourite customer of a lady presented in our agency gallery, then we invite you to visit the page with escorts available in Birmingham or the other locations and then call us to enjoy an unforgettable night with that lady.