• We invite any lady who wants to work through our elite agency, as one of Birmingham escorts, to get in touch with our team via our contact form.
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  • Every girl will be able to choose which activities want to do, which we’ll describe in their own profile.
  • All jobs are guaranteed because the customer make a donation in advance.

Become an active member of a famous escort team in Birmingham

  • In your profile will be shown the age, the donations, skills and multiple images, which necessarily has to be genuine, raw and recent. This condition is necessary because we have great respect for our clients, but we are convinced that understand this condition. The future Birmingham escorts will have to be interviewed to see if have the social skills to provide quality services. Any benefits you have, such as knowledge of English, sociability, preferences and orientation, special skills, you should communicate them to the interview, that will be to your advantage.
  • The escort profession don’t require certificates and diplomas but requires a good ability to socialise with any person, of any age or race. Regarding what you think about beauty, is less important, because tastes differ, and what a person likes another dislike. It is important to have confidence in yourself; certainly, you’re beautiful.
  • Of course, as one of the Birmingham escorts, the main advantage is that you earn a lot of money. You could buy anything you want; you can renew weekly your wardrobe with the trendiest fashion creations. Quality cosmetics and most sophisticated and advanced gadgets will be on your little finger. Even you’ll be able to save money for a car, a house or countless trips to exotic countries and future projects when you withdraw from this beautiful profession.

Optional maximum intervals of work are

  • Mondays – Sunday: 18.00 – 08.00
  • Extra time: Book in advance
  • We have a reputation for offering the finest Birmingham escorts, and you will be one of them
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More money

We are convinced that you were always in search of active agency, which provides many jobs are needed and how many you want. We promote our escort agency in all publications from this industry in the UK and even local or international, so you are enjoying more activity and not wasting time. Promotion expense is ours; you get to enjoy the jobs. In this way, you will earn more money than you earn if you work in an unknown agency. This additional money will help not only to live a better life but also to save significant amounts of money.

Discreet and safe jobs

  • You will see that all your dreams that seemed impossible until now will turn into something tangible, that will bring much satisfaction.
  • Even you’ll wonder why you did not choose this profession and waited in vain for other opportunities, which have not arrived. All reservations for you are confidential permanently.
  • Contact us now, and you get a long career, without preconceptions, but with great results. Do not let time to leave their shadow over you !

Great Life

Another advantage is that you will have a life full of fun and happiness. Periodically you will go to meetings with interesting people; you’ll visit restaurants for dinner, you go to the clubs or cinema. Everything will be different than your boring life so far. You will also have the opportunity to make new friends among team members, which anyway are very friendly, and also among customers. You will gain more confidence in yourself, and you will become a person with her feet on the ground, well rooted in reality.