Regardless of whether the current girlfriend is the most suitable for our feelings, even if sometimes we find ourselves in a bad relationship or just lacking the fulfilment of basic needs, the lack of love and the flow of emotions coordinate most of our life. That is why it is good to see what the truth is in our love relationship. Birmingham escorts or courtesans from another city can help us make a difference: is the current girlfriend the true love, or do we have a fun partner? Before booking a courtesan, let’s see together some elements that will help us understand your current love affair.

Do you have obsessive but limiting thinking about your current girlfriend, which can become intrusive and distracting in your daily life? Do you irrationally evaluate her positive attributes, denying the negative aspects of your girlfriend? Do you miss her very much, but don’t you receive reciprocity feelings from your girlfriend? Do you have feelings of ecstasy in the presence of your girlfriend, even if she is barely aware of them? Are you experiencing profound, wild changes, from delight to agony and again to satisfaction? Is everything you do a sign that your feelings are honest no matter what she does?

In this case, the problem is quite severe, even pathological. It is about irrational love, which can wreak havoc on the lives of otherwise healthy people. Unfortunately, our culture often promotes these unhealthy behaviours. Even popular songs promote such behaviours in their lyrics. This does not seem to me to be a healthy, mutual love. And if you want to convince yourself, book an escort from Birmingham or another city, spend the night with her and see in the morning if you still love your current girlfriend. If your feelings have diminished or even disappeared, it means that you were trapped in an unhealthy love.

So if you find that you are under the harmful influence of such a toxic love, you should reevaluate your relationship. It is not excluded that the problem is still with you, and she wants only a normal relationship, not an obsessive one. Remember that the strength of your obsessive feelings has nothing to do with how deeply you love. It simply relates to other issues, including self-confidence. So if you think you are used to falling in love with a person’s fantasy and not reality, you are probably suffering from this state of mind.

Therefore, even though the test of meeting a female escort did not diminish the love for your current girlfriend, I recommend you keep in mind an honest diary about all the events of the relationship, including the disappointing and painful ones. This diary will give you something to challenge your fantasies with. And if most of your friends and family see negative aspects of your partner, it could be a sign that what you think about your girlfriend is a false opinion.

So, keep in mind an objective list of the qualities of a partner who may always be able to support you, even when you do not give her what she wants. Don’t include feelings. Don’t try to make your list match the personality of someone you want to be in a relationship with. Make a list independently of other influences. Then, when you meet new potential partners, you can check your list to see if that person has the qualities you need in a partner. Also, If your feelings of unconditional love affect your daily life and normal functioning, consider talking to a specialist.