What does it mean when you dream of open eyes making love with a colleague? Have you a fantasy with a stranger? Some experts, with the help of statistical data, have tried to answer some questions for you. But we’ll respond from our experience!

Fantasies with ex-girlfriend

Does not mean you still love her. You and she are probably already involved in other relationships. Maybe some things have remained unresolved between you two, so nothing to be linked to the old passion for your ex-girlfriend. I think you fantasise about former girlfriend not because there is something unresolved between you two but can show your desire for perfection. Maybe you want a better relationship, more passionate, longer. Or maybe you did something wrong, and fantasy gives you a chance to think about how it would be correct to proceed with the relationship.

Dream about making love in a public place and even being caught in the act?

Anxiety is usually the emotional cause for these fantasies. Such fantasies may represent disagreements in your relationship or fear of sharing intimacy with someone else. Or you’ve seen too many movies. If you’re a person more exotic, this could mean the desire to make more love, more often, spicier. Anyway, it’s a fantasy that is not worth a try. You can get a fine.

Fantasies about a colleague from work

Fantasies of this kind are usually boring because you do not particularly like this person. Maybe you’re bored with everyday life, or if it’s a colleague at work, you’re bored with the job you have. In general fantasies in the office are for a person with whom you have a physical confrontation.

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