Many customers want to have an interesting discussion with an escort. Topics can be about fashion, technology, tourism, entertainment, hobbies and more. As in any debate,  you should keep limits. There are questions that you should avoid because you will not receive an answer or girl will cancel the date, in case you insist on having a reply. These tips apply whether you book through a Birmingham agency or dating a woman in The Midlands or the UK. We will see in the following five questions to avoid.

How many clients do you meet in one day? Avoid this question and be happy because you spend now a beautiful time with a sweet girl. No need to know about others. Also, confidentiality must be respected. The escort will not include you in a statistic nor customers should not be treated as numbers.

Your family agrees with this profession? Why would you ask that? Are you going to meet her family? Do not mix private life with professional life. The companion does not ask you about your personal life. Such a question could be embarrassing in some cases, so it’s not suitable either for you or an escort.

Do you have a boyfriend? Again, personal issues are not recommended questions. You should know that some escorts have a boyfriend, others have not, but this is their choice. No matter if the girl is in a romantic relationship in her real life because at this moment she chose to share time with you.

What is your real name? Some escorts show real names, others not. If a companion decided to present a name means that this pseudonym is the working name you should know and which she will use in her professional career. If she wants to promote her real name, she said it from the beginning.

Will you go on a date with me? Such a question is synonymous with the idea of free dating. It’s just like you buy a phone from the store, but you wonder if next time the seller will give you one for free. Probably in 99.99% of cases, the answer will be no.

Of course, there are other questions to be avoided (to ask private phone number, to ask to take pictures with the escort, and other issues). The main idea is enjoying the time you paid, avoiding to talk about personal or professional life. Enjoy the fun and fulfil your romantic desires. Try to have a quality time; surely you have not booked an escort in Birmingham or another city for a private talk show. :)