Relations between partners without liability has become a common practice in modern culture. They found different names to describe a date with a person who is not your permanent girlfriend, such as an escort. Many prefer this kind of “relationship”, but some individuals are afraid to experiment occasionally dates, because of misconceptions.

There are still many people who criticise women who enjoy different partners. Some people think it’s better to be involved only in a stable relationship. Sometimes it can be better, but not always. Often occurs routine and monotony, and then we need a change.

Others believe that short-term relationships are devoid of emotions. This idea is wrong. The idea is that if you are not “dedicated” total each other, so you can enjoy dates with other people without having to give explanations or to lie. Yes, this type of negative emotions missing from a relationship without obligations. But your experiences are more intense than those in a stable relationship. A date can be full of feelings, even if you two do not have a connection in the classic sense of the word.

In the same context, it is believed that people in a relationship always enjoy moments full of real feelings, which is not a hundred per cent accurate. The same monotony and routine destroy feelings. Others believe that dates with escorts are not good because it is a selfish act. Again not right because these girls have free will and they decide whether or not to spend time with a man. On the contrary, all escorts are very excited to meet new clients.

Others think that escort services are expensive. From my experience, our loyal customers always tell us that they have spent money to meet various women, but without obtaining romantic experiences. But with escorts, everything is quick, confidential, and the best time are guaranteed. If you still believe in these false myths, visit our gallery and book a girl. You will change your way of thinking!