Social network Facebook has become a communication tool for people of all ages: grandmothers give “like” when they see pictures of grandchildren, classmates separated by oceans keep in touch and lovers express their love in public.

But British researchers found, after having looked at a lot of photographs and declarations of love, that what happens on the Internet does not have anything to do with real life.

UK researchers claim that the relationships seem perfect on Facebook, but not so in reality, and our specialists support this study.

We can see what happens in a couple if we look at the Facebook profile, for a period or at certain aspects of life. But on the other hand, some people know how to hide information and is possible to understand their situation in the wrong mode.

In conclusion, don’t waste declarations of love on Facebook and don’t throw tonnes of pictures where you are with a partner or pictures in which you seem the perfect couple. You may find that some friends you delete from the list, only to no longer see public demonstrations of affection.

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