What qualities do men appreciate in a wonderful female escort? If we did not overthink the answer, we would say that men are looking for extreme physical beauty, a perfect body and a deep passion. But we are far from the truth. This type of assessment is more suitable for women looking for a male courtesan. But there are other more important qualities that any man living in Birmingham or even in any other city in the UK appreciates in a female companion. These qualities are more than we can imagine. In the following, we will limit ourselves to just a few of these, probably the most important.

Do you think that men are only looking for escorts dressed in clothes bought for thousands of pounds, with pictures at parties in yachts or photographed near a Lamborghini car or on holidays on exotic islands? Such an image frightens almost any female courtesan in Birmingham because such an idealised status is perceived as inaccessible and completely disproportionate compared to the world and the financial possibilities in which she lives. The truth is different: most men want to meet the so-called beautiful girl next door.

They love the girl who walks her dog through the park, with her hair slightly dishevelled, the kind of girl you can meet in a friendly club in downtown Birmingham or reading a book in a park. Beautiful, neat, but not too much, with hair in the wind, which tastes like ice cream and does not necessarily eat only oysters. This image calms him down, makes him feel closer to his life model, and helps to initiate a viable fantasy and not a dream that does not come true in everyday life.

So charm is an essential feature, and it is also the first principle that men subconsciously use when selecting from the numerous photos of wonderful Birmingham escorts on the internet. It is not about extreme beauty and perfect features but about a pleasant physical appearance or details or even imperfections that awaken a feeling of attraction and passion. Sometimes it’s about the kind of charm often linked to past ideals or characters, old unshared love or simply the memory of someone fascinating. Sometimes just showing that the idealised character in a movie could trigger magic and entice the man to click on that profile to find more. Many men unconsciously look for this type of trait in a courtesan.

Contact at deep levels of values ​​is significant for men. These gentlemen are looking for a connection with their principles; they look for a human being who can create harmony with himself and stimulate him to open up and reveal his personality. Men want someone curious, cares about the man they meet and does not seem to offer only a commercial escort service. Instead, they want to seize the opportunities of the moment and be led into a world to be explored in which they feel like children guided by a more experienced figure.

Men are not looking for beauty that does not dance. Being beautiful and not moving full of passion and fun discourages a man from exploring that girl. On the other hand, Birmingham escorts who have a long history to tell, who travel and who have lived exciting experiences are appreciated. When a man meets a woman, he wants to be kidnapped by this lady’s past, by stories that can stimulate emotions. In short, the lady must live in his mind through emotions that will remain in the man’s memory even after the meeting is over.