Men love women’s breasts, they adore any breasts, big or small, natural or artificially improved. A funny study has revealed that only 20% of men look at the woman in her eyes when meets her for the first time. Research suggests that 80% of men look on her breasts for the first 2 seconds. Why is this happening? Since ancient times, men have learned to associate a woman’s fertility with a generous bust, is the explanation of the scientists. Surely the situation is no different when a man first meets an escort in Birmingham or another city. After all, it is true that breasts are really one of the most beautiful parts of the female body, regardless of their size.

But how much does breast size matter to men? They prefer larger breasts, artificially improved with silicone, or preferring natural breasts? Does breast size matter? Another question that many escorts have is: what do men think when they look at our breasts? You may be tempted to say that they do not think of anything passionate, which is true for many of the cases, but find out that at those moments when men look at your breasts, they have some interesting thoughts.

Big breasts do not fascinate or captivate some men in Birmingham, Worcester, Walsall or other cities, those men who prefer a certain proportion to the height of the escort and body shapes. For them, the overall natural aesthetic is more important than artificially improved appearance. Other men prefer breasts neither too big nor too small, but with the perfect size cup. Other men think that the breasts are some … “accessories” that can be taken away in assessing the physical aspect of a lady, especially if the woman has a lot of other qualities.

But the study concluded that most men prefer women with large breasts because gentlemen think a big cup is a sign of femininity and exists to be admired. In any case, men like to look at the breasts of all women. I met in Birmingham some men who would admire breasts day and night: enhanced breasts, natural, large, very large. They do not make an obsession with this habit, just love to look at the breasts of escorts when they appear in their visual field.

The funny part, somehow, is that some men have a more shy behaviour with a lady who has improved bust. But most men say they like big sizes and even pay in the past silicone implants for his ex-girlfriend. Much of the women who responded to the survey said they would do a breast enhancement surgery. 3 out of 5 women confessed that if they had the money or courage needed, would resort to breast surgery. Of course, from the discussions I had with colleagues from the Fantasy agency, the choice is similar for many of these escorts in Birmingham.

We live in an avid society, eager for beauty, from simple skin care to breast enhancement. All the topics about how we look are deeply debated, and the women’s bust size is as important as any other topic of discussion. So what is the cause for this trend of artificially enhanced breasts? Surely the desire of women and men to enjoy the beauty, the passion, the best time together. The fact that some people prefer natural size is not wrong either. So as an escort, you do not have to worry if you have small or average breast size or you are a busty lady: there will be many men in Birmingham who will want to book a date with you.