Usually, customers who live in Birmingham or other cities are looking for escorts that are beautiful and sexy. But these aspects are not always enough. Beauty, like sex appeal, is subjective, and “how to be sexy?” is a somewhat precarious question, especially as these qualities come from within. No, it’s not a cliche, it’s the truth. Being sexy means, first of all, to trust yourself.

Studies have been made about what makes us appealing to others, but the truth is that no one fully complies with predefined patterns. A clear example of this principle is Rose, a new lady from the Fantasy team. Just 20 years old, this blonde has the most beautiful blue eyes but also has an attitude that will soften your knees. Even though Rose has a 5ft7 height and an impressive 36H cup size, these are just physical qualities which you will find at any other beautiful woman who lives in The Midlands.

The real beauty of this British escort will be seen at the first visual contact. You will immediately understand that Rose is a different partner who knows how to look straight into your eyes, a confident and hot lady, so a sexy woman. She knows how to focus on the magnetic attraction. Sure, physical beauty is a factor that influences her sex appeal, but if it’s not completed with something else, it’s not worth it. Rose has a natural dynamic attraction that involves the expression of emotions and personality, enhanced by her charisma.

This lady is also suitable for a dinner date in Birmingham because she knows how to offer the best moments and challenge you by initiating a conversation, expressing interest in new things, new topics or even finding out what hobby you have. She is a well-informed lady, and this is what defines real sex appeal. Her humour is also important. We know that the sense of humour is not something that can be learned and we are not capable of being funny all the time. But Rose has a natural mood, this being a real component of her behaviour when she wants to be sexier.

You’ve heard it another time: a lot of naked skin does not always mean to be sexy. Extremely short pants, very moulded outfits, very deep blouses can make an escort look less hot. But Rose loves her body and wants to show it. That’s why she wears elegant dresses or a silk top, which are perfect solutions if Rose wants to show her sexy curves. In any case, Rose dresses as she likes, and that’s always sexy. These qualities turn Rose into one of the best choices for any occasion. If you want to meet a very different lady, call the Fantasy agency and book this beautiful woman!

UPDATE October 27, 2017: Rose is no longer available.