The services of an escort in Birmingham or any other city are strongly influenced by the feelings of each of the two partners. Therefore, misconduct can diminish customer satisfaction. Any female companion must avoid such behaviour. Here are the five most common mistakes of escorts.

The companion has no initiative – Men love to see that the companion has the initiative. This makes them feel very confident when they see that their partner wants to have fun and that the escort is willing to find out what his preferences are. For example, in a Birmingham restaurant, if the companion does not show any initiative, the man might think she is not interested in the fun, and the dinner date will be a failure. Besides, instead of having an initiative, you are bored and anxious to leave as soon as possible or if you check your phone every 10 minutes, you certainly have destroyed all the charm.

The escort is obsessed with how she looks – Men do not want to hear that women are not happy with the way they look, especially during a meeting. If the escort complains about the way she looks, the man may notice some imperfections that he did not even notice before. Thus, he may find that the companion is unattractive. Of course, no companion has a 100% perfect physical appearance, there will always be a small problem somewhere. But this should not be highlighted.

The escort complains of her age – Why would you do that? Think that the customer has chosen you, knowing you are over 40 years old. Whether that man selected you from the gallery of an escort agency in Birmingham or found your phone number in a site of classified ads, your age was clearly stated. Surely he could choose a young girl just 18 years old, the offer is very vast. But he preferred a woman with expertise, a real lady who knew how to really have fun. But if you complain that you are older, you have lost all the fun and charm, because you will not show maturity despite your age.

The companion is not discreet – You do not know much about your client. For all female companions, no matter if you go to an outcall job in Birmingham or another city, privacy is very important. Maybe that client does not want his friends to know that he booked an escort for a business meeting, a dinner at a restaurant or for a party. Even if you go directly to that client’s home, you have to arrive discreetly, without attracting the attention of your neighbours. You must show the same discretion when you go to a hotel room. A client who believes that others have found out that he has booked the meeting with you, will not be a relaxed customer, and your services will be a fiasco.

The escort does not pay enough attention to hygiene – A meeting with a customer in Birmingham or another area will not be a success if the companion has poor hygiene. It does not matter that you have a very nice physical appearance, it does not matter that you are joyful, fun and beautiful, it does not matter that you dressed elegantly or properly if your hygiene is not perfect. So cleanliness is one of the most important factors contributing to an unforgettable experience.

Of course, there are other rules to be followed by an escort to offer the best service in Birmingham, elsewhere in the West Midlands or East Midlands, even in other regions of the UK or anywhere in the world. In our blog, we have a lot of other tips. If you want to find all this useful information, we invite you to read other interesting posts. But these five behaviours must always be avoided.