Since “hot” is a universally accepted term, it is still subjective. Each gentleman has a different version. For example, some consider that a woman is hot behind closed doors. Others imagine a hot woman with big breasts and blue eyes. Some think a hot lady is an intelligent and elegant woman. Others believe that if a hot woman removes the makeup and the clothes that highlight certain parts of the body, that lady is no longer hot.

In real life, the hottest women have the habit of ignoring you completely, even refusing to recognise your existence. It is an unpleasant attitude, but it has a simple explanation: these women attract hundreds of men, and this is a self-defense mechanism. Hundreds approached the most beautiful women, maybe thousands of people, depending on their age. There are too many men; these women can not meet with everyone.

Also, these women test you to see if you are a trusted partner. Anyone can be sophisticated like as a movie hero for a few minutes, but it’s possible that if you are confronted with a few hours of teasing, she will discover your real personality. So women do not care a lot about certain physical disadvantages, but they need to know that you do not care about these problems and that you are confident in your strengths. Safety is more important than attractiveness. Quite complicated, and the summer has already reached the half.

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