Money has always been the topic of discussion in couples, representing interest for both men and women. What is to be appreciated is that, although women have not had equal rights with men from the beginning (for example, the right to vote), in the statistics of recent years, we see that they have managed to balance the situation in their favour. Globally, although women perform activities almost identical to those of men, the balance of earnings still favours the “men’s team”. That’s why financial behaviours are different. However, the situation is changed in the case of Birmingham escorts, who often manage to earn more money than men and thus have a very different financial behaviour from that of other ordinary women. We can notice that the courtesans’ economic sense and financial responsibility are amply and positively reflected in their lives.

For example, escorts prioritise paying bills more than other women. Most of the ladies and gentlemen in this service industry make sure every month that the bills are paid on time. Often, they are used to using smartphone applications to manage money and accounts.

Even if you might think otherwise, female companions are usually more careful about spending, and most of them would instead save than living the moment. If they started their career a few years ago, these escorts probably already have everything they ever wanted, and the temptation to buy, but also the need for things, is much less than the need manifested in ordinary women from Birmingham or other cities. As these courtesans understand that life is becoming more and more unpredictable, these women want financial security and, therefore, save more than 25% of their total monthly income. These escorts are very demanding with themselves, and most are not satisfied with the amount saved per month because they aim for this amount to be at some point directed towards investment in a home or a business.

Open communication is the foundation of a stable relationship, but unfortunately, it is difficult for ordinary women to discuss the financial situation as a couple. The causes are not communicated, but we can intuit here several reasons: the introverted character, the economic dependence, or the partner’s reluctance. But this is not the situation of Birmingham escorts, who are usually single women (of course, there are many exceptions) and who, even if they have a partner, know how to rule the situation and impose their point of view on money.

Ordinary women are more influenced by social media channels than female courtesans. Influenced perhaps by the diversity of products that are now on the market and by the recommendations of other women, many ladies are quickly affected by social networks, thus sometimes exceeding the monthly budget. So, ordinary women borrow more money than courtesans because the salary for the first category is usually not enough. But escorts from Birmingham do not borrow unless they need very high emergency expenses and do not have that amount of money (for example, a colossal medical cost for a family member).

Most courtesans want independence and financial stability, but not for personal luxury, but usually to ensure the well-being and emotional balance in the family. This is the reason why perseverance and attention influence the management of the personal budget of the escorts. Also, optimistic thinking and openness to change offer an additional advantage to courtesans in the world of personal finance.