Recently we received a message from a customer, revealing that for him is an actual hobby to book escorts. This man tells his adventures in great detail and explains that he feels a man fulfilled. Of course, we declined to publish details very spicy, but mostly you will find in the following story about a man who is passionate to book escorts. Since we offer complete privacy, even if the man in question allowed us to publish his name, we’ll call him John Doe, an anonymous for general public, to protect identity.

I send greetings. My name is John Doe, and I admit that I am desperate to spend as much time with women. Not pretentious, even if I have a great experience. Not a Don Juan, but I think I already know the soul of the most extraordinary women. When I say unique, you must understand that I discovered that the most sensual women are not necessarily the most beautiful. There is a law even reverse because I have found the best women that have a less pleasant appearance. Woman to have an open mind and be attentive to the wishes of her partner.

First contact with the world of women I had at age 15 when I fell in love with a girl aged 22 years. It was a gorgeous blonde who now moved to another country. In my adolescence, I had no experience, and this girl never offered me any attention, although we tried to send flowers, chocolates and I even invited her to an ice cream. Because of this, after a year of working, I have concluded that I am ugly. Instead, many years later, I understood that beauty is not the same as a woman’s charm. That girl just did not want to have a relationship with a kid, and even if I was serious, it would not be desirable because the girl wanted fun with various men, did not want to get involved in a real romantic relationship. I think my lack of success marked me for many years because by the age of 20 years I never had a girlfriend. I admit I was a loser and an asocial.

When I was 20 years old, I was walking in a park and saw a girl who lost her wallet. I picked up the wallet and ran after the girl. She thanked me for my act, especially because the wallet contained a lot of money. Perhaps her eyes and sweet smile inspired me, and I had the courage to introduce myself at that moment. A few days later, I was with her at the cinema and from there began a real love story. Two years later, she became my wife. We visited many countries in this world together; we lived moments full of romance and fun, we had two beautiful children. But at some point, after 25 years years of marriage, fate separated us. She was ill with a disease that cannot be cured and left me and this world. She asked me to look for another woman and rebuilding my life.

I was in a midlife and did not know what to do. I never married again, but after ten years I felt that I wanted to live my life again. I looked at the picture of my wife. I asked him to forgive me. Then I started to look different women without commitment, but I could find only older people. I searched on dating websites, of course, I could not find something to like. Incidentally, I found a website for escorts, full of beauties. Full of emotion and without much confidence, I booked a girl aged 26 years. I invited her to a fancy restaurant, and I told him my story. The girl was very attentive and behaved with good manners and elegant. I liked. When it came time to tell him goodbye, she said: “I have a surprise for you, out of time booked”.

There was a night in which I enjoyed the experiences that I no longer had lived until then. I cannot even believe that there were such moments. But in the end, she asked me to meet other women. After a week, I called the same agency, and I booked a lady aged 22 years. Her candour made me remember from my youth. Later, I started to book escorts twice each week. Now I’ve aged 62 years, and I can say that I spent time with over 500 women. I feel like a fulfilled man, a man who lived life properly.

I met all kinds of women from all over the world and of all ages. Some behaved professionally; others behaved rudely. The best experiences I’ve had with girls from escort agencies. I never had problems with these women and provided quality service. I can say that I am a connoisseur in this regard. Of course, I spent a small fortune, but money is the least of my worries because I have a small company and earn enough money. I do not regret any moment; I feel like I am a man reborn. Even more, I can say that this is my new hobby: to book as many escorts, to know many girls, their wishes and aspirations of their life. I also learn a lot about the feminine universe, information that I did not know before. In conclusion, whatever your situation, whether you’re a loser like me or a slick, I recommend you to book escorts, when you feel alone. Your life will change forever.

Sincerely, John Doe.

A man who has rediscovered how to live, because a man cannot truly live without young and beautiful women.
It’s never too late, even if you cannot agree with this simple principle of the universe.