A lot of people wonder why some girls have chosen to work in this industry. The next natural question is whether escorts are happy. This article will try to explain why the girls wanted to become companions. We do not know the situation of all escorts from the area because we collaborate only with exclusive girls, who offer services independently. The situation of those women will be discussed in another article in the future.

Every woman has certain desires and ideals in life. But sometimes these goals are blocked by lack of money. A regular job does not offer the advantages of this escort profession. A girl working as an escort can get 5-10 times more money than if they work in a regular job. Girls receive from agencies a majority share of these funds. An escort agency keeps the donations just to advertise or promote and other expenses. Individually for each employee, the profit of these companies is much lower than the gain of escorts. So if a girl gets a lot of money, do you think she is happy? Of course.

Once the money in their wallet, any escort can buy expensive clothes, to make trips or to buy the latest gadgets. The companion can go to fancy restaurants, can have fun every night, can have whatever she wants. Even more than that, escorts can save money for future projects to buy a new house or a new car or to save money for studies at prestigious universities. When so many gates are open and when her bank account grow from day to day, do you think these escorts are happy? Of course.

Fun is on the daily agenda. Escorts are invited to various parties, social events, concerts, cinema, theatre and more. These women have the opportunity to socialise and not to get stuck in her apartment. They meet daily new people, they make new friends, and the term “boredom” does not exist in their lives. Many girls develop their life experience and a unique personality, learn the manners and how to behave with gentlemen to form in the future a happy couple. They get an open mind and manage to overcome the prejudices that affect so many people and not let you succeed in life. Do you think a girl who socialises and has fun is happy? We believe the answer is yes.

Also, all these elements in escort activities take place safely and in strict confidentiality, so their privacy is not affected. So next time you meet escorts working through an agency, you should think of it as one of the happiest girls, because it is an actual reality. At least our agency, where we form a team of friends and all our escorts are real friends with the company’s managers.