Maybe many people are wondering why I or others chose the escort profession in Birmingham. I don’t think my situation was a special one. Before becoming a courtesan, I was an ordinary girl with enough money to live at a reasonable level in my last year at university. So, first of all, you have to understand that life paths are infinite and unpredictable, but some lead in a unique way out of the ordinary. But you also have to realise that the attraction to the female companion job is a characteristic that you have from an early age, then manifested by using the experiences collected throughout your life and their effect on the personality.

So to become one of Birmingham’s best escorts, you have to understand that this profession cannot be improvised; it is not like a poem that you force yourself to recite. You have to live this profession with your whole being; you have to appreciate it; you have to give yourself. The desire to amaze, leave a mark, and have the pleasure of providing satisfaction are the primary skills. Money comes later; money is just a consequence of a lifestyle with its roots in search for human contact and self-affirmation.

My life has changed a lot since I became one of these popular Birmingham escorts, and the excellent personal projects I later undertook were no longer just soap bubbles. So many uncertainties have been shattered, many hopes have come true because I have earned enough to invest in what I want. All these dreams came true because I decided to practice a profession that I wanted, and I did not follow patterns and prejudices dictated by individuals around me.

I wanted to respect my desire to prove that I can get more out of life. Maybe you think my wish was just a challenge, perhaps a giant game with masks. But the revelation was simple: I suddenly realized that being an available escort was what I wanted. When I started practising this job, I didn’t wonder if I could; I already knew I could. It was born in my personality, and I noticed its characteristics already in my relationships with other people. I just wanted to understand my desires and fantasies.

Contrary to what you may think, I have always been a faithful partner. But as a person without a partner, I looked for the most unusual and atypical situations. I was not afraid, and I wanted to express myself. As an escort in Birmingham, I sought to discover my limits, keeping my self-esteem. I must admit that I have not yet found these limits. I have a lot of friends, I have always met new people, and I liked to help them contribute to their lives in a way. Every time I realized that my personality had adapted, there was nothing false, but it was me, or one of my inner parts, who came out. Gradually I discovered many of the nuances of my mind and soul. But I understood that I had not become anything else; I had always been like that, I was rediscovering myself, and it was beautiful.

The people around me quickly became worlds to explore; each of them had a mirror to reflect and see a side of me. I understood their motives, and I felt their instincts. I’ve always liked being able to smile. I wanted to know other people well, and I wanted to leave my memory to them. I dreamed of making a thousand journeys, of living a thousand lives. Each person gave me a unique feeling, but it wasn’t enough for me. I felt the need to do more, to share more.

Being a female courtesan gives me a degree of self-confidence that you sometimes find in a person with a regular job. I feel spontaneity and sincerity from my clients, mainly because they do not feel judged. In most cases, I am spontaneous, and it is essential to meet a person who respects me and does not try to treat me as an object. Living an escort life in Birmingham has become one of the most intense ways to express myself and get to know the hidden passions and fantasies of the people I have met.