Many years ago, when we set up the Fantasy Agency, only a few companies were offering escort booking services in Birmingham. There was also a maximum of 100 ladies wishing to provide such experiences in this city and surrounding areas. But it seems that these ways of entertainment have become very enjoyable for ordinary gentlemen, and not just for business people. Any native of Birmingham can now spend a good time with a professional lady to relax and get emotional and mental pleasures. The reason is simple: the level of donations has dropped a lot, you do not have to donate hundreds of pounds an hour of fun.

This principle is to the advantage of the client, but the agencies are not negatively affected, as the number of gentlemen willing to enjoy the experience has grown. So, the number of companies offering such mediation services between clients and escorts has grown steadily. It is a pure market economy mechanism, characterised by the relationship between supply and demand, which works very well in Birmingham, with benefits for all parties involved. As a collateral effect, the number of ladies offering accompanying services has increased independently. These premises gave rise to two distinct phenomena.

The first is that agencies have a larger selection base, and then they have been able to select better ladies than 5 or 10 years ago. On the other hand, the number of girls who offer services with low-quality standards has increased. Agencies can discern between a good companion (who provides confidentiality and satisfaction) and an unprofessional lady, but regular customers risk choosing an escort with low standards. It’s not our problem, but it’s your money. That’s why we have some advice for you: always choose the discretion and quality offered by ladies booked through a Birmingham agency if you want to be relaxed and enjoy a discreet date that gives you satisfaction.

For example, through Fantasy company you will find a simple and fast booking service that guarantees full discretion and the lowest real donations. These charming ladies are not simple escorts but are women from various social classes, including students with a proper attitude. You will be delighted with the performance of these elegant and beautiful companions, as these hot models have been selected with the utmost attention, the best result of this growing service industry. In conclusion, the popularity of accompanying services has increased in Birmingham, and the benefits are stunning if you choose carefully.