If you want to meet a courtesan for fenale couples through the Fantasy agency, you will find many duo escorts from Birmingham. Why? Well, who said that these ladies from our agency only address straight couples? For over 5 years, we have been regularly contacted by many fenale couples looking for a unique pastime out of the ordinary. These women were looking for a person who would never judge the nature of their couple. The reasons why a woman should contact a courtesan duo for female couples are very particular. We will try to exemplify below some of these reasons.

First, a female couple experiences the relationship in a significantly different way than a heterosexual couple. Normally, the figure of a third woman is not explicitly accepted in the relationship. However, there may be hidden fantasies. Either of the two women in the couple or maybe even both want to find a third woman for fun from time to time. But often, the two partners find it difficult to admit this truth and desire. In this case, any of these duos Birmingham escorts becomes a beautiful and extravagant ally, something different from the usual.

The curiosity to try an experience with a new woman is strong. But often, one of the partners fears that this new woman may attract the other partner. As a result, finding a playmate in your social environment, such as among friends, at clubs, or on social media, can create a future invasive feeling for the couple. A newcomer, even if it is temporary, can even be a premise for jealousy. So, to avoid the potential breakup of the couple, the two women turn to a professional Birmingham escort who will be able to offer them the kind of experience they are looking for, very different from that of a straight couple, while maintaining the couple’s respect without generating any jealousy.

As I mentioned before, another reason is to meet a person who refrains from any judgment and, above all, who knows how to relate to the couple. Any duo courtesan who provides Birmingham escort services should feel their emotional nuances and substantial relational differences. This process is difficult because usually, in a heterosexual couple, two women who interact with a man trigger a certain dynamic, and the courtesan assumes a certain role of alliance with the other female partner. On the other hand, a courtesan for female couples must understand the principles and limits that the couple needs to live the experience correctly, adapting rather to an extravagant experimental role.

An escort for female couples in Birmingham or another city is a real tool of pleasure, which a female couple allows themselves to experience something different with a special friend, in a protected, safe environment, free of moral judgments. The idea of ​​being called a pleasure instrument may seem strange, but it is a label that fits perfectly in this situation. For example, every time I collaborated with a female couple, I played real roles, which are part of the couple’s fantasies. My biggest responsibility was to know how to make their fantasies come true without necessarily imposing my instincts. This is what makes them feel safe and protected while allowing them to expand their experience and always perceive themselves as the two queens who command everything in our fantasy game. So, being an escort for female couples is extremely fun, an experience different from the usual dates, which must be treated with due care, first and foremost in terms of the psychological aspect.