Dresses, but also other clothing items, shoes, makeup or perfume are essential factors for an unforgettable experience. Therefore, any escort in Birmingham must pay special attention to the way she dresses. Unless the client indicates how the girl should dress, she should follow certain rules if she wants to be considered a high-class companion. Without claiming to present an exhaustive list, below, we will detail some tips and tricks that will help you quickly attract quality clients, but also many jobs. In this way, your chances of enjoying a successful career in these services, which are strongly affected by the competition in our city, are higher.

Many escorts prefer those infinite heels, but which are not always and in any situation really elegant. On the contrary, they attract a lot of attention, and we do not want to attract attention at any time. A Birmingham female companion must go unnoticed regarding these details in certain cases. But if we want to attract someone’s attention, then our elegance, beauty, attitude, care and discretion must be our secret weapons, not the ways to manifest ourselves exaggeratedly. “Dress vulgarly, and they will only see the dress; dress elegantly, and they will see the woman“, said one of the greatest fashion designers of the twentieth century.

It would be best if you always had in your wardrobe, for example, a white shirt that is elegant, sober, shoes with discreet “kitten” heels, a camel coat. A nice and neat bag says a lot about us, Birmingham escorts, as do impeccable shoes. Never think that ordinary clothes are not elegant. On the contrary, fashion means turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, using the right combination. Do not wear extremely short dresses or pronounced necklines at the top. Showing a lot of skin is the opposite of good taste. Don’t wear too tight clothes; it’s about dressing well, not dressing like an elastic girl or the wonder woman in a Hollywood movie.

Secondary elements are essential. Even if you think these factors are not very important for escorts, be careful. Strident make-up can negatively affect the way the client perceives you. Do not makeup very contrasting; less is always more. Those super bright red lips will be for most gentlemen like an alarm signal. Some clients already imagine their clothes stained with lipstick. So be very careful with these little details. Also, the perfume must be subtle, just a clean scent. Often the best perfume is your soap-scented skin. Many customers in Birmingham and other cities appreciate the naturalness.

When using nail polish, be careful, a single unpainted nail can give a somewhat neglected appearance. That is why both the hands and the feet, even if they are hidden in winter, must be perfect. For many high-class escorts, the ideal is the French manicure. False nails that are too long are not suitable. Use accessories that are not excessive, but discreet, some small pearl earrings are adorable at any age, a watch, some bracelets depending on your wardrobe. Elegance goes hand in hand with naturalness!

When in doubt about how to dress, ask us and let us advise you. Believe us; we do not want to advise you badly, because your presence and attitude will be the recommendation of our Birmingham agency. Even if you think it doesn’t suit you, because you are not used to dressing like that or putting on make-up in this way, what we want for you is to be the perfect image of a luxury escort. And one last tip, as I always say: personal hygiene and a beautiful smile are real miracles!