The fantasies of any individual have involved at least one relationships with more than two people. Even if it seems complicated to believe for narrow-minded people, seeing their husbands with other ladies is a fantasy of many women. Usually, a woman’s fantasies refer to situations that are not mainly defined; they are more dreams or mental zapping consisting of thoughts or stories. These female fantasies, in most cases, are triggered by imagination. The sources can be an escort movie or series about a girlfriend experience, a story, a book, an advertisement or an image from a shop window in Birmingham or another city. As long as the cause of the passion is present, the woman’s mind identifies with the scene and takes the protagonist’s place.

The man’s mind is profoundly different; he is less visionary and has to experience natural scenes. In most cases, male fantasy is selfish. It describes situations that concern them personally or involves a man having fun with one or more women. He always needs powerful images and very focused on his desires. Often men jump from one scene to another or even withdraw the same scene several times from different angles because that detail excites him, and he lives it in a loop towards satisfaction.

On the other hand, some women are not selfish. The desire to see her partner having fun with another woman can be a fantastic experience. If she has an open mind to new experiences, it is simply like a game shared with her partner, which adds an accomplice and consenting element that spice their relationship. But most women are afraid to experience such a thing. However, in most cases, the woman is the one who offers an available female escort to her partner to wake up and satisfy his fantasy.

But many women find themselves in a whirlwind of thoughts when they want to book a courtesan from Birmingham or another city: “If he prefers her more than me? If she humiliates me? What if I’m kicked out of the game? What if I panic if I’m not at the same level of satisfaction as the escort?” All this insecurity creates a solid short circuit between the recurring fantasy, sometimes almost daily, of imagining a third partner in a relationship and the fear of unpleasant consequences.

I saw many of these situations at my meetings, and some I must confess happened to me a few years ago. Excited women were looking forward to giving their husband a present, but once the three of us met, she thought it was wrong to call me, and there was no more fun. These people had never experienced anything like this before. Everything was born in her mind. But reality has very strong interferences, and many details from her fantasies seemed different. So then, when they had to live through the situation, despite her existing desire, her minds sent false signals of protection that pushed her into inhibition.

So is it necessary to give up hope? Not. But you have to train, like when you do a sport or go to the gym, and your mind has to be prepared to live this moment. A very proper way is to start playing games that do not involve intimacy but that begin to accustom the man and woman to the presence of another player. These situations can be like an appetiser: a simple walk, a threesome dinner date, or similar conditions. During these events, any of the Birmingham escorts or other city can interact with the man in a very controlled way, for example, whispering something sweet in his ear or smiles and dance with her in front of her partner who is assisting, without intervening.

These games begin to train the mind and connect fantasy to reality, creating a bridge of acceptance so that no more conflicts are generated in the human mind. These games are delightful and can gradually increase in intensity until the woman is ready; when she has reached mental maturity and certainty towards a third partner, she can finally start the adventure to satisfy the hidden fantasies.