Usually clients book an escort only once, then look for other girls. But there is a type of women that make you become a loyal customer. This kind of success is rare in escort services, but we made every effort to keep you from enjoying a selection of stunning girls. Of course, to adore these women and always come back to them, it requires certain skills and qualities. Not enough just beauty of the body and cute smile, but these escorts must be able to give full attention, an open mind and a unique personality.

So the secret to success is not necessarily a significant number of clients. It is not necessary to have as client every time another gentleman, but it is a need to become loyal customers, maintaining good relations. In this way, these gentlemen will regularly call on the services of escort agencies. Some ladies think the best type of clients is the kind of gentlemen with great financial power, who have the opportunity to book a girl many times in a short period. But not always possible to establish a friendly relationship with these types of customers that seek diversity, but rarely a spiritual attraction for a long time.

The truth is somewhere in the middle: Fantasy Escorts agency does not recommend discriminatory behavior, depending on the financial situation. There may be cases when a wealthy client to be spiritually evolved, when a poor customer only wants a relationship of short duration. Or there may be reverse situation. So do not categorize people by financial capacity ! Each escort must provide maximum care for all customers. It is also good to have a clear understanding of expectations and try to provide more than customers have expected.

Girls must discover what is missing in life of clients and fulfill those dreams. An elite escort needs no telepathic ability to read the minds of their customers. Girls without experience in this profession has the possibility to ask. Through excellent communication, customer needs will be met, and the chance that he becomes a loyal customer increase considerably. This information can be obtained by nonverbal communication, but conversation is always recommended to give what he really wants. The professionalism of the escorts also means something else: for example, all ladies should be always cheerful, to transmit energy to clients. She must be clean and elegantly dressed, as appearance plays a significant role in a lasting relationship.

Escorts must be actively involved because the customer did not rent a toy, but wants more initiative and a real time, full of surprises. It is therefore advisable for girls to participate in any activities mutually agreed, for example if the client wishes to go with the girl at a party or a dinner date. It is important that women keep a clear thinking and not lose control of the situation. It is also good to memorize customers’ wishes, that future time when they meet, to know what he wants, without having to ask again. The customer should be treated as a friend, because only so it will feel relaxed and enjoy memorable moments.

By following these tips, our escort agency guarantees that customers will always return. In this way is born a good working relationship, even a friendship. In this way, any escort will have loyal customers, and over time, it will be more profitable for both the client and for the girl. As the slogan says, the satisfaction will be guaranteed!