We received this question through the contact form, but the question was relatively anonymous, with an invalid email. So we could not answer privately, so we decided to answer publicly: escorts from Birmingham or any other city can see and read. That’s why those female companions who love literature often practice this hobby of reading books. Of course, some of these women are not in the habit of reading books, as is the case with many other ladies who are not companions but do not love literature. Even more, some female companions have written books, focusing on autobiographies or that tell true or fictional stories of courtesans.

Reading books is an advantage because you always learn a lot from literature. An educated Birmingham escort is one who knows where to look for information at every moment when she needs this information. And the information is not necessarily written on paper, it can also be in digital format. There are plenty of e-book readers on the market. Reading books, which are mainly based on true stories, real experiences, facts lived in the first person or told directly by escorts, allows any female companion to take several steps on the ladder to high-class service.

Even more, even you, as a customer, can open your eyes to a reality that has been under our eyes for millennia, a world we think we know, which it has always been there, like the sky, the air, but which we do not know at all and which can surprise us as soon as we pay more attention to it.

Reading these books written by escorts, it is as if you open the hood of the car and discover that it is not really a simple engine, as it seems at first glance. We all know that there is an engine under that hood, but in reality, it is a very complicated and inexplicable mechanism for most of us. This is the world of luxury courtesans: to get into it, you need to know it better. And one of the ways is to read books written by courtesans. Books written by hand by escorts, or those that indirectly tell the stories of these ladies, can illuminate this dimension: a sumptuous and luxurious world in Birmingham, but also discreet and secret.

Being a luxury female companion is an art. A woman must feel willing to do it; this profession must be enjoyed. It must be done in total independence, without pressure, without constraints, without manipulation, but especially in a state of awareness. Becoming a female escort is a choice. Our advice is to make this choice in a time of total lucidity and serenity, never when you are in a difficult or emotionally weak situation, never when this path may seem the only way out, to solve financial problems, never when anger and disappointment prevail over a sentimental story that ended badly. The literature of this type helps to form this awareness. Any courtesan should appreciate it.

Reading everything is an impossible task, but reading at least some of these books can give you an idea of this industry or help you improve if you are part of this escort industry in Birmingham or another city. However, the advice to read these books is valid for everyone, men and women, moralists and nonconformist. We will not exemplify these books because we do not want readers to believe that we are biased and favour certain authors. You will definitely find them right away by searching on Google.