This question will always have unclear answers and will generate endless discussions. I don’t think we will ever decide who the ideal male type is, because that would mean that we managed to understand women. However, there seems to be a particular type of man who attracts women, including escorts. The theme of this article is inspired by a conversation I had a few days ago with two ladies in Birmingham.

The conversation started after the girls showed me a video posted by a guy who said: “I am born to serve women and children, I am pure and innocent masculinity” and other intellectual nonsense that seems to have been told by a teenager full of pimples. The problem is that he appeared to be about 35 years old, the kind of hipster (looking sexy, I admit) who forgot to become mature and spoke in poems, feelings and metaphors while merging with nature and the universe at the same time.

So I made the mistake of believing that serious women will never want a relationship with such an adult boy? I’m sure a lot of women and even escorts would have liked to meet the one who posted the video, especially since the guy looked hot and knew how to reach the sensitive and romantic side of women. But in the long run? No way.

I say it’s a mistake because the conversation has become a real storm. The two women concluded that I am a bad guy who believes that a man must misbehave with women. Moreover, the two girls thought I was jealous of these “real” gentlemen, who know how to behave with a lady. Obviously, at a given moment, the conversation ended, and I changed the topic because it had become a difficult discussion.

Going back to our initial question: what are the qualities of an ideal gentleman? Beyond the barrage of non-arguments I received, one, in particular, caught my attention, namely the fact that one of the girls said to me, “That gentleman meets more women in a month than you meet in 365 days”. Somewhat confused, I think it’s true: what woman or escort from Birmingham wouldn’t want to be admired by such a handsome guy?

I think we all want to be the centre of interest of those around us. It’s something that describes us on a biological level. Of course, the women would have wanted to meet him. But beyond the allure of the moment, did he have that kind of consistent something to offer a woman? My answer is no and this for several reasons.

Even the extraordinary (as he was a sensitive, romantic and extremely sentimental adult man) tends to become boring at one point. By embodying qualities that are more feminine than masculine, such as sensitivity, excessive romance, emotional disposition, but also a poetic personality, the guy will seem childish or disconnected from reality. Those women or escorts who will not see him like this in the first moment, in the end, will discover the impact of the truth.

Women seek stability and security in the partner. More precisely – maturity and masculinity. And he had a real deficiency in that sense. In other words, the ideal masculine personality contains only a tiny proportion of this dose of romanticism. However, other qualities attract women to men to spend the rest of their lives.

Among these masculine qualities, we include self-confidence, pragmatism, independence (both financial and intellectual), charisma, the impression of power; in short, everything that defines the image of an alpha male. It seems that this is the masculine personality that attracts all women and female escorts from Birmingham or from anywhere on this planet, especially after about 35 years of life, when feminist philosophy can no longer take the place of the happy and stable family that any human being seeks.

With minor exceptions, almost all men have gone through the pre-pubertal and post-pubertal romantic phase, which usually does not last very long. A few years, usually. During this time we tend to be extremely emotional and sympathetic, especially because of the hormones that invade both our body and personality. Which, in turn, makes us more sensitive and more romantic, because these are the qualities that girls of the same age are looking for.

Do women and escorts like romantic men? Yes, but in different stages of life. As we get older, however, our perspectives change, because of our body and mind change. Which means that a 35-year-old man who will maintain the same cognitive profile that he had at the age of 16 will never be successful in meeting women because the perspectives of 25-35-year-old women are no longer the same. These women are now looking for something else from a man. As women get older, romance begins to mean something else to them. It no longer means honey poetry on a scented sheet of paper, but a romantic dinner from time to time. Or a hot night, after watching a romantic comedy.