The nature of this escort profession has a deep and diversified social side, thanks to the many inter-human connections that are born between these Birmingham girls and the men and women they meet. True, these companions meet many men and women, but that does not mean they have thousands of friends. The circle of friends comprises approximately a similar number of friends or a little larger than the number of friends of a normal person. Why is this happening? Because of the large number of people these companions meet are not friends, they are just customers.

Not every meeting with a person in Birmingham or another city in the West Midlands automatically creates a friendship. Usually, friendship is seen as that warm and pleasant relationship that gives us confidence, gives us the courage to act in some more difficult times. Friendship is that oasis we seek when we are powerless and hopeless. It is that light that illuminates us when most people do not understand us. So friendship is something that should not be explained so easily. An escort knows these characteristics of friendship and that is why she will choose her friends carefully.

How does friendship with a companion begin? If we think about the definition of friendship, this means an effective and cooperative relationship between two or more people that involves mutual support, mutual trust, loyalty, love, understanding and empathy, but also many other qualities (wish for good for the other, sympathy, honesty, the possibility of confession in front of the other, the possibility of asking for help in situations of distress, but also joy in the presence of the other person) which make the connection between those people unique and full of beauty. From my point of view, it is very difficult for these conditions to be fulfilled naturally between a Birmingham escort and the clients she meets.

For these qualities to be present in a friendship relationship, an extremely important ingredient is needed: knowing the other in-depth. As long as you do not know that person long enough, you will hardly be able to integrate these things into your relationship. You can’t know the personality of an escort you only met for a few hours in Birmingham. If, however, you spend enough time with that companion, you will discover a very special and exuberant personality, free of inhibitions. So a true friend is the one who, even if he knows you well, still likes you.

Of course, there are exceptions: very often friendships are born very quickly, based on common things (for example, the same preference in music, the same way to spend free time, the same way of thinking and so on). This certainly helps a lot in creating a friendship, in maintaining it, but it is certainly not enough. The fact that the same opinions and preferences are shared does not ensure a lasting connection between Birmingham escorts and their friends. I think that only in the critical or less pleasant moments can one see who is really a friend and here comes the ability to understand him and to help him to overcome the moment.

For friendship with an escort to be a quality one, each one needs to contribute with what is best and be a complement to the other. Also, a very important thing for true friendship is that there is no addiction and jealousy. Everyone needs their freedom, their intimacy and their own pace to act. In friendship, these things are often omitted. People believe that friends should share everything with them and, more than that, be the first to find out. Wrong! In the case of a female or male companion, this is not even possible, because of the clients’ privacy must be kept. This need will only lead to frustration, upset and a superficial relationship.

Of course, there are exceptions: for a deep relationship with an escort from Birmingham or another city it is not necessary to spend much time together, but quality time. A true friend will always be present in your heart, even if he cannot be physically present and you will be able to talk to him and feel his warmth even from a distance. Seeking the company of others not because they sympathize, but because they have to gain benefits from them, this kind of friendship does not last in time. Also, friendship based on fun is not necessarily a lasting one. People who tend to be influenced by the sensations of the moment and make only decisions that satisfy their desires will not enjoy true friends or a friendship based on well-being (harmony).

There is another important thing that can destroy a friendship: fear. As long as we live with the heightened fear that the relationship may end for various reasons, we only bring negative energy, waste time with unnecessary things and thoughts and stress them and the others. The true friends are friends because they like each other because they possess the qualities necessary for the relationship to be lasting and, more than that, they are based on similarity, on common values that make the interaction between those people a positive one.

Friendship must always be maintained, encouraged and respected. To respect it does not mean to agree with all the actions taken by the other, but to respect them, to understand them and to let the person realize where he is wrong. Of course, your own opinion can be said, but without imposing, without suffocating the person. Friendship implies depth, involvement and the desire for permanent evolution. Therefore, many factors contribute to increasing or decreasing the number of friends of the companion: like any other person from Birmingham, an escort has a limited number of friends.