A healthy body is a beautiful body. Therefore, any escort should take care of the types and amounts of food. We all want to eat healthily and everybody makes bigger or smaller efforts in this respect. A healthy diet contains carbohydrates and calories (depending on age and intensity of daily activities) and a considerable amount of vegetables and fruits. The way we, escorts, prepare our food is just as important as what we eat because there is a chance to buy only healthy foods, but if we fry everything we eat, then all our effort is in vain.

We know there are clients in Birmingham who prefer curvy ladies. But why not admit, most people prefer slim women. If we eat a lot of meat, sweets and sugars, fat or fast food, we certainly do not help us have an athletic body. This will mean a less attractive physical appearance, so fewer customers. Even though the Fantasy agency has never made discrimination based on physical appearance, it is self-evident that most of the less slim escorts have fewer jobs, and this is the choice of the clients.

We understand that a healthy diet is usually not a tasty diet. But it is in the advantage of all escorts to understand that in order to have a healthy and beautiful body it is necessary to be careful when choosing the daily food. Our advice is to eat less healthy food rarely and only on special occasions (for example, at a party or restaurant in Birmingham) and daily food to be as healthy as possible. Even if some of us are not aware yet, we have to understand that the human body has limits. If we do not care about what type of food we are feeding our body, sooner or later, it will refuse to function properly, whether we are escorts from Birmingham or do not practice this profession.

By providing the necessary amount of vitamins and fibre, vegetables and fruits bring most of the diet benefits: weight loss. This is possible because most fruits and vegetables are harder to digest, which gives them the name of foods that help to burn calories. Transformed into beverages or salads, the fruits are a healthy eating option and can be eaten at any time by an escort.

Cereals are another important part of the diet because without them any diet can cause various diseases of the digestive system. Specialists recommend that the cereal be eaten in the morning when the body needs a carbohydrate-rich diet to help it start its digestion mechanism. Fish products, eggs and other similar products contain a significant amount of protein. They help maintain muscle elasticity. Also, proteins help build muscle, which will keep you full of energy during a diet.

Escorts who opt for a diet should seek the advice and guidance of a specialist from Birmingham or another city. By choosing a combined diet and a daily exercise program you will gain a healthy body and a strong muscular, harmoniously developed body.