I choose my clients by judging them by their e-mail address, by the voice on the phone or I ask the client to tell me briefly about their age, nationality and intentions with me. But what information should a female companion obtain from her client? Like any escort from Birmingham or other cities, most clients want to be discreet. They may use fake names because they are married and do not want to risk their real identity. Anonymity is essential for both escorts and clients. By requesting too much personal information, you can lose your clientele. Some clients are happy to reveal their life biography.

Do escorts not want to reveal their identity? Why? We are afraid to associate our real identity with our profession. Failure to follow this principle could affect our social mobility and social relationships. English society from Birmingham still has preconceived ideas about this profession, so we are forced to keep the secret. For example, Fantasy Agency always takes care of the privacy of our colleagues, but also the privacy of our clients.

How do you make a female companion happy? Well, in a bitter way: don’t be pretentious and not annoying. Many girls complain about clients not complying with the rules or limits. Happiness is a very subjective matter. The satisfaction offered to a “normal” woman is very different from the joy you give to a female companion from Birmingham or another city from the West Midlands. To complicate the situation more than that, everyone’s wishes are different. Some escorts want to receive a donation from their clients and to give happiness to these clients, but some gentlemen refuse to get delighted. The best customers are those who are respectful and expect nothing.

Many of my clients from Birmingham are very polite and respectable people, which is why I feel comfortable with them. I favour specific clients who are very kind and offer me a certain kind of happiness. I endorse individual clients just because they have gained my trust. I must mention that almost all clients try to give me joy, but some people fail to understand the essence of my happiness. Some men believe that particular social behaviour can apply to all escorts. This idea is entirely wrong. Every experience is unique and cannot be performed in a uniform act. Remember that all people have unique ways to reach happiness. More important is that a good meeting depends on the emotional and physical chemistry between the participants: chemistry is something that cannot be bought or created; it is a rare beauty that occurs between two people. It is best to test slowly and gradually.

Remember that an individual’s desires can also change, depending on the mood. Chemistry is the key, but also the spirit of the escort is essential. Although most clients are right, I am not attracted to everyone. Sometimes I avoid seeing specific clients from Birmingham because I know they want to spend the entire meeting in a state of “girlfriend experience”. Men are charming, which seems ideal, but it can be tiring, to behave like the girlfriend of a man I do not love. Most of my loyal clients try to please people, and that’s why I try to avoid them when I have a bad mood. It’s even harder to see clients when I’m in love with someone else. When I’m alone, I find it much easier to work and have fun with clients.

If I have to advise a client on “how to have a better experience with a Birmingham escort” I would suggest the following techniques that the clients have done with me: start by giving them a clean and relaxing atmosphere. Everything has to happen slowly so that it can anticipate any progress. The meeting in a natural rhythm will drive her crazy, and thus she will want more. A right partner will explore what he likes about the woman, but he must be guided. This method worked for me with some clients, but again, everything is based on chemistry. So, when you meet an escort, there must be a perfect balance between discretion and expected happiness, whether it is a satisfaction to offer or to receive.