Thanks for this short story sent by one of the newest ladies from the Fantasy Birmingham Agency. We look forward to publishing similar, relevant stories about escort life, from other ladies who work with our agency. Below you can read the story. We deleted the names of the characters to protect their privacy, even though the lady agreed to publish her name.

I have always preferred to meet as many people as possible. I am a being who loves society and interaction. Born in a more impoverished European country, it has always been a dream for me to go to other countries and meet generous gentlemen. So a few years ago, as soon as I turned 18, I came to the UK. Initial I was in several smaller towns with my sister. A year ago, we arrived in Birmingham, and I think I will settle here. I like the people here; I like the city. I love the whole West Midlands region.

When my sister found out about a dating app, she told me: this app is for you! So I installed and used that app when I lived in several cities in the UK. I enjoyed sweet romantic dates; sometimes we just went out together for a romantic dinner. Once, I met a guy I had fun with several times, then one morning I thought it was a morning like any other, nothing. He disappeared and did not reply to my messages. Not a word, not an “Oh thank you, it was cool“, not a coffee, no breakfast in bed, no smile, no kiss. Later I found out that he had another girlfriend. He just used me for nothing. He didn’t even love me.

I had wasted time with a stranger to whom I had just offered my privacy. Why should he reply to my messages? Because I was his girlfriend, and he would have proved that he was still a gentleman who changed his romantic preferences. I know, you can say I’m old-fashioned, but for me, politeness and respect are basic principles. Then I realized that in fact, that application was for meeting various people without involving feelings. The users believe that the profiles in that application show persons that they can choose for free. So, I was just a way to freely satisfy the desires of these men, after coming from a tiring day of work. I used to work in fast-food restaurants; it’s not as easy as you think.

Then I realized that it would be good to become a female escort. At least, in this way, I would have an excellent financial stats, even if the client does not always offer me his sincere feelings: there is no term of romantic separation in these services in Birmingham and any other city. I would have a lot of money in my pocket, and I would still meet new people, as I like. I would feel more respected with the financial account that displays amounts with more zeros, even if some guys are not gentlemen.

Later I abandoned this idea, and life resumed its course until one day when, after having a lot of toxic relationships with various men, this idea came to me again. I had to go to Birmingham, and while looking on the Internet for a cheap hotel to book, I also searched for an escort advertisement website. When I saw the rates, I was amazed. I later found a cheap hotel room, and the next day I was in this big city. After solving what I had to do in this city, I decided to stay a few more days.

I went back to the original idea. I signed up on one of these escorts ad sites, placed an ad and waited. I waited, but no one called. I looked at that site again and noticed that my ad had reached page 3 in a few hours. Almost no one saw him. I had to pay a few hundred pounds a month to return to page 1 on that platform. I didn’t have that money.

Therefore, the next day I started looking again for a site that would not stress me financially. That’s how I found the website of an escort agency. I applied through their form, and in 10 minutes, I was called by a friendly voice: she was one of the receptionists of that company. She explained everything I needed to know and everything seemed perfect to me. They created a free profile for me and displayed my profile on their first page.

That night was a dream. I met through the agency a client who booked me overnight. Even if the client was not of the romantic type, he was respectful and friendly. I earned money in one night while I won in two weeks of hard work at fast-food. Later, I met many clients, generally more respectful people than the ones I met for free. Now I work for the Fantasy Agency. It is the second agency I work with as an independent companion in Birmingham, and I can say that everything is perfect. I enjoy personal safety, the privacy of my private life, fun, a good life.  Yesterday, a client told me that I was the hottest escort he had ever met. I find this job rewarding and amazing!