You’re on a fast food instead of haute cuisine because you think the second option costs more. I think I’m too poor to buy affordable things. We don’t have money to buy ten times an inexpensive device that keeps fails. If you draw the line, which is a variant that you pay more?

The answer is simple: affordable things always have something to hide, and things that are expensive always have real value. So what should we do as a quality service to be affordable?

I debated this issue at Fantasy Escorts, and we decided that the best solution is to choose neither low donations, nor high donations, but FAIR donations.

Because when providing services of high quality, high-quality escorts are required. And the quality of companions needs not only a good socialisation, discretion and of course the ability to make the customer feel perfect but premium girls with a good education and experience.

In our escorts agency, the level of donations is clearly on the right side of the screen ( in the desktop version of the website ) or under escort profile, if you access mobile version.