We continue the series of interviews with the escorts from the Fantasy agency. It is known that many students need money to pay for accommodation and other expenses when studying in Birmingham. That is why many young ladies choose to work as a companion, especially since this industry involves working at night, which does not overlap with the day-time schedule of schools. So not only the easy earned money is the main motivation of the students, but also the flexible working program.  Also, if you are a student from abroad, it is often very difficult to find another job where you are well paid.

This time I spoke with Sasha, a girl who studies Bussines management at the University of Birmingham, one of the largest institutions of higher education in the UK. What motivated her to choose this university, but also her escort job? How did she understand life in this city, after coming into direct contact with the academic environment there, but also with other clients in this city? See in the interview below.

Fantasy Agency: What motivated you to go to study abroad?

Sasha: First, I chose a master’s degree in England because of the employment opportunities that are at every corner, and secondly, because of the high level of education. I want to put into practice the theory I am learning, not just to read countless books, without a potential chance to use the acquired information.

Fantasy Agency: What do you like most about the education system in the UK?

Sasha: The education system in the UK is renowned throughout the world. We have the chance to use the latest technologies and practice in real business. The chance to work in a team with people of different nationalities is another benefit. It develops your thinking and skills.

Fantasy Agency: How is a student’s day at the university? How do you manage to spend the night working with a Birmingham escort agency?

Sasha: It is not easy, but it is a very beautiful life. I wake up, I am preparing to go to classes, and at 10 am I am already in class. In the first few minutes I try to understand the morning jokes made by colleagues from more than five nationalities, and then I have to pay attention to the courses. We don’t have many hours of classes, but, of course, we have to spend some time in the library. There we prepare the topics, we develop all the new information learned in the courses. We do everything on the team. We can help each other. We learn to use and work in different programs to make our lives easier. If you have not understood an idea, the teachers are very open to giving you their time to explain your doubts. After classes, sometimes I stay with some of my colleagues and talk about our future. The discussions are very interesting, each of us comes with different opinions and ideas. We tell about our traditions, and my colleagues have always shown openness and interest in finding out as much about the traditions of my country. On certain days the university organizes events where we can have fun and at the same time, we can develop our general culture. After lunch, sometimes I go to the gym or shopping in Birmingham with my friends from university. Then, when I get home, I go to bed. I sleep, and when it is evening, I wake up, take a shower and get ready for the few hours of work as an escort. At the agency I have a very flexible program, I only work as long as I want, which is why I often sleep 3-4 hours until morning. I chose to work as a companion only 3-4 nights a week, from Thursday until Sunday. You can say I sleep too much. :)

Fantasy Agency: For many young people, the idea of ​​going to school abroad seems unattainable, assuming that they need to have a lot of money or that it is difficult.

Sasha: I always wanted to get here. I knew that if I start something I must finish, even if it is not easy. Considering the budget, everything is simple. I could benefit from a loan worth 10 thousand pounds. But with this money, I could only pay for the University and accommodation. So I chose to work. Fantasy Escorts Birmingham agency helped me a lot and I earn more than earning a full-time employee. Anyway, here all the students have a job. There are part-time jobs where managers make our work schedule so that we have no problems at the University. You can choose each week when you work, both days and number of hours. So everything is simple, you just have to have the will, the ambition and the desire to be different.