Many clients ask me if a female escort can love a man? But the question is wrong, starting from the preconceived notion that the world of courtesans in Birmingham is a world of people who have transformed their feelings into a form of business. Therefore, many believe that a courtesan who is used to creating fantastic illusions for her clients will no longer distinguish between fantasy and genuine affection. The answer is somewhere in the middle. It’s more of a YES, but with caution, because it’s not easy for a female companion to fall in love, and it depends a lot on past experiences.

From here arises the following question, more morally and professionally correct: what are an escort’s feelings? The life of a courtesan has a style that can be easy or extremely complicated to live. Some people have such strong self-control that they remain lucid during their professional activity; others share honest feelings. Of course, both are people with feelings but externalising them in different ways, depending on the partner. This feeling of love and passion is not only for their partner but also for their work.

So there are courtesans who do not feel love for their work and consider it a pure business. This type of person tries to hide his professional identity and, therefore, experiences an inner division of personality. The desire to hide their profession creates an emotional conflict because these women are not proud of what they do, and then these ladies have difficulty living genuine emotional relationships.

But there are escorts from Birmingham who instead openly manifest their profession, even making it public. This type of person is much more coherent emotionally and only risks being judged by some people. But these ladies ignore those people who live with preconceived ideas. A courtesan of this type is probably less able to change her personality, as she always carries her natural essence with her, but is more likely to fall in love. But these women can lucidly adapt their character to meet the needs of the client better. The ability to change the personality is an added value for many top courtesans.

Moreover, some escorts available in Birmingham love their job. The job of these courtesan makes them feel free, but simultaneously to experience and enjoy the sensations of passion and love. Usually, these women do not look for permanent connections but prefer to travel in this period of life through the ocean of emotions. They are psychologically stable but at the same time able to quickly adapt to circumstances. These ladies also love the person they have become, they are not afraid of the judgment that other people think, so these women do not have conflicts with their own identity.

However, these types of escorts can have the most profound feelings. When these women have an experience with a client, it is not just a matter of work, but it is a journey into more human souls. They collect experiences and feel powerful emotions. These ladies like to find passions in common with them; they want to identify to the point of really living a couple of relationships. This principle is the fundamental basis of the GFE experience.

Love exists for these Birmingham escorts; they have loved and still know how to love. This type of life in no way compromises their ability to have feelings of love for a man. I noticed instead that the concept of jealousy is almost entirely missing. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t mean that there is emotional indifference; it just moves the relationship to another level. They can no longer be jealous of the behaviour of meeting other people because they are the first to offer these experiences.

Instead, there is a love for work, but also a love for a partner. They understand that they must abstain from the concept of possession of another person. Due to this, they can live every escort work experience as if they were real couples, giving customers a deep and captivating moment. But at the same time, they can have a personal life as an enviable couple. The relationship is sincere; the feelings are pure.