Some clients use well-known methods; they know what to do when booking an escort in Birmingham. But if you’re on your first booking, you may need more answers to frequently asked questions. If you are a gentleman with a spontaneous personality or a loyal customer, you do not have to read these tips, better call us. But if you are on the first reservation, it’s nice to know these answers. Our receptionists can also provide further information.

How do I choose the right lady for me? First of all, visit our gallery presenting escorts in Birmingham and pick a woman who physically matches your preferences. Then go to that companion’s profile and read the details about that woman.

Did you find the right girl? Then you need to get in touch with us to arrange a meeting. Our receptionist will tell you when this escort is available in Birmingham or elsewhere.

Can I call with an unknown number? Some gentlemen prefer this way of hiding the phone number for two reasons: they either want to enjoy a session with a feminine voice or are shy and want to find additional information without revealing their phone number. In both situations, we prioritise calls with a visible phone number. But for bookings, we need to know your real phone number.

Do I have to provide my full address? It is logical that we need to know where we send that lady. A companion cannot meet a client, knowing only the street or neighbourhood.

What can I discuss with that escort? You can ask any question you have in mind that does not concern the private or professional life of that escort.

I like blondes dressed in red. My preferences matter? Of course, our receptionist will be glad to recommend you a Birmingham escort according to your preferences.

Should I bring a present for the lady? No, it is enough to donate for that escort’s time. If you still want to enjoy a glass of champagne, you can bring an unopened bottle. But it is possible that the lady does not like alcoholic drinks and then please do not insist.

Do I have to call you many days in advance? It is not a mandatory rule. You can schedule a meeting a few days in advance, but even at the last minute if that lady is available in the next few hours.