In this escort industry, and not just in Birmingham, but anywhere in the world, an hour bookings are the most popular choices of customers. But it is the best option? We put this question because for example, in our agency, 80% of bookings are extended by at least an hour. Many customers notice that 60 minutes are not sufficient for a complete relaxation and to fulfil their wishes. This one-hour package is not to the advantage of clients because they could choose in advance several hours with a significantly lower price per hour. Also, the customer must call the agency to extend the reservation, if possible. And this break can diminish the fun and charm.

So an hour bookings are less desirable. Of course, this choice may have other causes. For example, there may be financial constraints or lack of free time. But if these reasons are not present, a reservation for only one hour has many disadvantages, not only for the escort but especially for you. Your experience is one in a hurry; you lose the entire period of mental and visual adaptation, your conversation is limited to greetings and a few little phrases. Everything was happening too fast. Will be a strange experience to look at the hand watch in the first few tens of minutes to see how much time is left.

Surely you do not want to experience a poor quality. You like enjoying quality time with maximum relaxation that will help you have fun. But you booked just an hour, and the rhythm of the date must be alert, especially if another gentleman has already booked this woman for the next 60 minutes. If the time has expired and you still want to spend time with that girl, you must call our escort agency to find out if she is still available. The suspense will disappear if you’re lucky, but such a break is not okay. We know that such a scenario may seem nightmarish. Surely it would be better to fulfil all your desires and dreams in a relaxing way. So, everything is simple: book at least 2 hours in advance, whether you need an escort in Birmingham or another area!