Just like in other topics, in love, relationships and escort industry there are several opinions more or less true. It’s good to know what’s real and what’s not.

The passion comes naturally – False

The physical chemistry that you see in movies, which suggests that when two lovers meet, passion is instant and everything is natural and enjoyable, is not always possible in real life. The human body does not come with a manual. If one partner will behave in a certain way does not mean that someone else will react the same way. Good communication is the key to unleashing the passion, but also the openness to new things, even if you try with an escort. It’s a little strange to communicate too much in certain moments, but if you know what you want both, everything is much easier.

Men are more passionate than women – False

It is believed that a man is always ready for new adventures, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The truth is that men have daily fluctuations of desire, just like women. And it all depends on external factors: stress, sleep disorders, self-esteem, relationship status and more.

For older people, the passion is not important – False

Passion and satisfaction of desires are important aspects of the physical and emotional health of adults, regardless of age. It may be related to other factors: hormonal deficiencies, depression, anxiety, side effects of medication, changes in relationships and others.

Aphrodisiacs help you have a greater passion – It has not been scientifically proven

They say that aphrodisiacs are excellent to increase the libido. Oysters, dark chocolate, strawberries, garlic can make you feel the passion, but there is no scientific background to support the validity of aphrodisiacs. There is no evidence that certain foods increase your desire.

So, these are opinions that you should not keep in mind when choosing a girl to enjoy unforgettable moments. Book one of the escorts and learn the truth about passion!