Body language is imperative. Many women consciously or unconsciously exude a particular kind of “raw sensuality” through body language. All sexy escorts move slowly, are not indifferent towards how to sit, walk, talk and show much attention to the way they dress.

A sexy walk must express self-confidence and can have erotic meaning. The woman who does not take advantage of her femininity to learn to walk properly, lose a lot of sex appeal. High heels give a sexier walk because the steps are shrinking.

Sexy escorts sit relaxed, free, safe and have a pronounced tendency to get closer to the man. There are several ways to cross your legs, small gestures that express attraction and determine availability.

Much of body language is unconscious and in this lies the difficulties of women to control it. It is necessary to learn how to direct it, using the contrary rule. A woman can easily learn what to do to attract.

Women need to discern the difference between the “hot” and “cold” behaviour. Suspicion is the opposite of flirting. Certain actions, such as removing personal discussions, inventing a male protector, refusing invitations to dinner, does not help.

There are several types of flirting – some recreational other “dangerous”. They differ depending on the safety of the partners involved. Males react to flirt in three ways: they are interested, “pretend” that they have not noticed, get scared and leave the scene.

Women who transmit signals frequently are more likely to excite a man, so dear escorts, beware of body language!