In general, blondes are considered mild, feminine, but also provocative and sensual. Red hair is associated with sin and the volcanic temper. Dark shades and black suggests seduction and melancholy.

In the male-female-nightclub equation, it seems that only blondes win. Because they are first choices of men, blondes are sexier or maybe appear to be a natural prey; it is certain that attract attention more than redheads or brunettes.

In a study published by the most famous Scandinavian journal of psychology, blondes are number 1 in men’s preferences.

Below, you can see what women were preferred by people, according to the girls’ hair colour.

Nightclub 1: 26 Blondes, 16 Brunettes, 4 Redheads

Nightclub 2: 15 Blondes, 12 Brunettes, 8 Redheads

Nightclub 3: 19 Blondes, 14 Brunettes, 6 Redheads

Total: 60 Blondes, 42 Brunettes, 18 Redheads

Obviously, it’s all about preference. To convince us about the results of this study, we interviewed a few men. What have they responded?

Alfred, 26: “I prefer blondes, but I don’t think that hair colour has anything to do with how sexy is a girl. Yes, I quickly jump into the eye, but only because of the colour, are more evident.”

John, 25: “Frankly, I prefer redheads. The second is platinum blonde with an angelic face, and the third is brunettes with blue eyes or green eyes. Platinum blondes attract my attention quickly. But I don’t think that blondes are sexier than brunettes or redheads. It depends on the girl and other issues.”

Brenton, 26: “I think it’s a misconception … But yes, blondes attract attention quickly.”

Michael, 27: “Yes, since childhood I love blondes with blue eyes. I seem more sexy and beautiful. It’s easy to be a beautiful redhead, but it’s hard being a beautiful blonde that I see from 1 mile.”

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