Is it efficient to be very fun and arrogant at the same time? It seems to be a popular and often accepted concept in the relationship with women, including escorts. It is easy to understand and to implement. In short, it is accessible to everyone, including ladies. But despite the many benefits of this technique, it still has its traps. Many guys do not know how to apply it. Often confuse “bold” with “insulting” and “funny” with “sarcastic”. The whole concept has to be changed, a change that will allow gentlemen to understand this powerful technique entirely and to use it with women and escorts with a 100% success rate in Birmingham or other city and area.

Most guys who are not successful with women are because of “lack of” trust. It is the Philosophical Stone that all men are looking for, but which many do not know how to find it. Everyone has weak and unsure spots, and some allow these aspects to lead their vision of life, which prevents them from getting what they want. On the other hand, trust in your forces can result in arrogance, but arrogance does not necessarily create confidence in your strengths.

Like a vicious circle, this technique works best with people who have plenty of experience with women, and these gentlemen have a lot of confidence in their forces for this reason. For humble men, being “arrogant” is equivalent to putting a leucoplast on a wound, because these people can not accept this behaviour. That’s why the shy guys are frustrated with this tactic: if you’re not sure enough about your “naughtiness”, you will not be satisfied with this technique. You will look annoying or even harmful, so you will not be successful.

However, self-confidence generates a “safety” in relationships with women, which can be perceived as “arrogance” but communicates to ladies the most appropriate signals. So how can you get this kind of feeling? Men who have experience with escorts have an advantage. Gentlemen who have a lot of experience can unconsciously detect the subtle clues that women tend to communicate their interest and use these clues to bring them to bed.

Men who have little or no experience miss the clues that women send, and these people hesitate to take action. They tend to focus more on their own and their condition than on ladies or escorts. These men are desperately looking for signals that might or may not exist (not knowing what to look for, of course). These men are focusing on the wrong things and miss the signals that are sent to them. This causes a high level of uncertainty and insecurity in people, and this can only be avoided through experience.

Comfort is the second ingredient in this recipe. Those who feel comfortable with themselves, with their environment and women or escorts, communicate a stronger message about who they are and what they want than the guys who are crisp and embarrassed. Feeling comfortable with yourself helps you to focus your attention on important things. If you do not feel comfortable with yourself, your attention goes inside, with a myriad of thoughts, like “I’m too fat”, “I’m too bald”, “I’m too old”, “I’m too ugly” and a bunch of other things. When you talk to a woman or an escort in Birmingham, you get nervous because you focus on your height or weight, rather than being careful about the signals of interest (or disinterest) that the lady sends you.

If you are in a noisy club, and you hate going out in clubs, it will be harder for you to meet women here than in a place where you feel comfortable, such as a bookstore or cinema. If you are in a comfortable place where you like to stay, it will be easier to relax and focus. And last but not least, to feel comfortable when you are among women or escorts is of the greatest importance not only in Birmingham but anywhere in the world. The tension is transmitted, and the ladies will feel shame when you are with them. This will make them feel embarrassed, and they will seek to avoid you.

The truth is that it’s hard to be funny. It usually happens when you feel comfortable, relaxed and happy. You can joke and feel good. So you make the distinction: you do not have to make a lady laugh. A smile will be enough, a captivating conversation, a shared passion, whatever it is, no matter how long you capture the other person. Being fun is a good way to catch people, but it’s much easier to be playful. If you are playful and captivated by the things that excite you, the girls will adore you.

Your energy (attitude, behaviour) is the primary factor in your ability to attract another person. Think of the last situation in which you had a great conversation with someone. Probably it was about a topic you’re passionate about. You either knew a lot about this subject, or you wanted to find out more, and you enjoyed talking about it. That’s why you had a lot of energy. You captivated the other person ( a lady or an escort in Birmingham or other areas ). Being playful is to smile, to talk about common interests you are passionate about, to tell stories you like, to do something you like. When you feel relaxed, people who like the same things as yourself will gravitate around you.

When you combine experience, comfort and energy, you naturally appear more confident in yourself and more playful. This opens up many opportunities to have fun and feel relaxed. And when you use trust and joy, do not be afraid to bring up sexual issues. You can be as rude as you want – if you do it with the right attitude, you’ll be okay. Why does this happen? Think of it: everyone likes to have sex. It’s a common thing for everyone. Some people are tenser than others when they talk about it, but that does not mean they want it less than you. Be open about your sexuality, your desires and your fantasies in a confident and playful way, and encourage others to play your game. Sexuality is a common passion, so once you talk about that subject and your attitude is right, wonders can happen.

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