Hello, dear readers of our blog. Below you will find some opinions sent by one of Fantasy’s loyal clients.

“A man feels better, more confident, more admired when he is in the company of a beautiful woman. For this reason, he is often willing to book the simple company of a woman, to have her by his side at an exclusive party, to make a good impression at an event, but not only. The pleasure that a man feels when he spends time with a gorgeous woman could generate the wrong conclusion that the woman is considered a simple object, an accessory. Those who think such preconceived ideas are wrong!

Men are only looking for women with a gorgeous physical appearance ...

I have heard this phrase many times, but I, as a man, must contradict this pseudo truth. I have been a client of the Fantasy agency for many years. I booked many escorts in Birmingham and met many beautiful women. But I was never really impressed except by those ladies who had an extra advantage. This asset is no secret: nothing is as necessary for a man like me as the company of intelligent women. Of course, we’re not talking about horny teenagers competing with colleagues to see who has multiple dates with girls during the summer holiday. Here we are talking about real men, especially gentlemen.

Not everyone is married, not everyone lives together under one roof, and this pandemic is the first total blockade that has forced everyone to live in isolation at home. Beyond appearing in public in the company of women, gentlemen have a great desire to enjoy the company of ladies for other purposes. Some men reserve a female escort with whom to share something, for a dinner date, for the opportunity to listen, discuss, even on issues difficult to deal with in the family or with the wife or official partner.

Except for a few rare cases, couples were severely tested, many broke out, and the divorce rate increased. The need to escape and have a conversation with an unknown woman has reached very high levels, with episodes in some cases paradoxical. Because of this, many escorts who accepted paid video calls (and in most cases, the most requested service was to talk) have proven that the man needs to feel the company of a woman more than the female anatomy.

As during this period, the female presence at many events is not necessary (because shows, congresses, clubs are forbidden in Birmingham and the UK due to the pandemic), the escorts requested by men during this period are true companions, available for meetings in full compliance with health regulations, but able to offer conversation and fun, women able to colour by instilling hope and happiness.

At the same time, with the strong demand for female companions required of people in business or gentlemen who need the company of a woman, there is an incredible wave of aspiring escorts. Here again, appears the problem mentioned above: unfortunately, not all these ladies have sufficient communication skills and do not have any solid general knowledge base. Therefore, a night with such ladies can be a real boring torment. That’s why I personally prefer smart women because it gives me more satisfaction than a lady who is just beautiful but less gifted intellectually. The answer to the initial question is: no, men are not only interested in a beautiful physical appearance!”