In this post, we will answer your questions received in the last week. We have selected only the items that may be useful to other readers and which do not affect privacy. So, we mentioned only the first letter of the customer’s name and surname to ensure confidentiality.

A. F.: Can I reserve two escorts at the same time?

Fantasy Agency: Yes it’s possible. You have to ask the receptionist if those two ladies are willing to meet you at the same time. You can also book three or more companions at the same time.

N. C.: I booked a lady in Birmingham, but arrived in 30 minutes. Is it possible to come faster? 

Fantasy Agency: This is an excellent response time. You should consider the distance to your home and the intensity of traffic at that point. To meet a girl at an exact time, we recommend you to call us an hour or two in advance so that the lady has enough time to arrive at you. For last minute reservations, as it was in your case, it will take at least 30 minutes between your call and the lady’s arrival at the door of your home.

J. D.: If I reserve a woman through your agency, can my girlfriend discover my adventure?

Fantasy Agency: It’s a difficult question. You can make mistakes, and your girlfriend will find out that you’ve met another woman. We can only guarantee that: the escort will never reveal anything about you or your adventure. The agency will offer full confidentiality, and your data will be deleted as soon as that lady has returned safely to our headquarters. However, you should consider not reserving an escort in Birmingham or another city if you are already involved in a relationship with a woman.

K.S.: We had a great time. Am I allowed to reserve the same lady again?

Fantasy Agency: Of course, there is no prohibition on this. You can book the same escort any time you want. Our recommendation is not to get emotionally involved and never to fall in love with that lady because we can not guarantee that she will work with our agency forever and we do not want you to be disappointed for this reason.

You can send your questions via our contact form, chat and phone and we will continue to respond as quickly as possible. The most interesting questions and answers will be featured in posts like this, to be useful to other customers of Fantasy Agency in Birmingham or other cities.