Before calling us – On this page, you will find additional answers to frequently asked questions about our escort services in The Midlands and other regions. Please read these questions and answers before calling us for further information. Thank you, happy booking!

1. Booking in advance? – Through our agency, you can book hot girls at the last minute and in advance. Booking in advance will give you more opportunities. When you book at the last minute, it is possible that some girls may not be available at that time.

2. Where? – The location is your choice. You can meet one or more of these exotic escorts at home, in a hotel room, a restaurant, a party or elsewhere. It is essential that the location was chosen by you to be clean and safe for these beautiful ladies.

3. How many hours? – You are in the best position to know how many hours you book these girls. In many cases an hour is enough, in other cases, it is not enough even until morning. It is best to approximate how long you need to get the lowest donation per hour.

4. Disabilities? – We do not discriminate; every man must enjoy beautiful moments with a girl. Even if you are a customer with disabilities, you should know that our girls are experienced in such situations and will treat you with friendliness and a warm heart.

5. Donation methods? – We accept the donation on cash. We do not accept the donation by alternative methods. The donation must be made before the start of services. If you prolong your booking an hour or several hours, the same rule applies.

6. A small donation for travel? – These girls are happy to come to your location in The Midlands and surrounding areas. If you are at a great distance from our office, you have to make a donation for travel fees in advance. You know the total amount of donation before booking one or more girls.

7. Negotiable donations? – Although the donations are not negotiable, we already negotiated for you the lowest donations. You can enjoy significant discounts if you book in advance for several hours. Find more details on our offers page or by calling the receptionist.

8. Special requests? – If you have special requirements, then you should know that we are a flexible agency. In the gallery, you’ll find all types of escorts: busty girls, slim ladies, blondes, redheads, even women born in other countries, not just in the UK.

9. Are you emotional? – You do not have to worry if you’re emotive. Even if you are a beginner, also if the first time you book beautiful escorts, these gorgeous girls will treat you with friendship and cuteness and you will feel relaxed and happy from the start.

10. Dinner Date? – If you want to go to a restaurant, we offer the possibility to book a young girl, beautiful and elegant, with good manners, who knows how to behave appropriately and discreetly. If you like, the dinner date can take place at your home.

Answer not found? – We understand that there are many other questions. Therefore, we are at your disposal through phone, chat and dedicated form to find answers that matter to you easily. Call us now, find everything you are interested and book!