This spring was a rainy season in Birmingham. Now, although the summer started, the sun does not smile often on a clear sky above the West Midlands. This evening is rainy: a small and gloomy rain began to descend from the sky. Small and heavy water splashes crawl to the ground at an infernal pace. There is no need for you to wonder where all this water has been collected. Maybe up there, in the black sky full of grey clouds, is there an ocean? However, the soil is already soaked with more water than it can absorb. Then you think: I have to escape from this melancholy! You suddenly remember the phone number of our escort agency and you decide to call to reserve a girl from Fantasy team.

You look through the window: there is no passerby in your street. Dismissed by the bad weather, people are dwindled by the warm walls of the houses in Birmingham and gazing at the fury with which nature understands to express themselves. From time to time a car breaks the rain. After a few seconds, the atmosphere is again dominated by the buzzing of the splash of rain. There is no point in waiting for you: you dial our escort agency phone number. A warm voice responds immediately. The friendly receptionist tells you the list of girls that are available this evening.

You have already chosen the girl that corresponds to your preferences because you have already visited the Birmingham gallery from the website and you have seen the new companions. You found out that your favourite escort is available, so you have confirmed your reservation. The Fantasy agency’s reception tells you that the girl will reach you in 20 minutes. You’ve finished the phone call and you look again through the window: the only ones who seem to not protest in the face of the rain are the trees. On the contrary, they enjoy every drop of rain. Or have you suddenly changed your mood? Have you already begun to enjoy the excitement of meeting a new lady at your home?

Somewhere under a branch full of large leaves, a bird sits shrivelled. The wings are wet, and the sharp claws are deep in the bark of the branch. His small eyes are locked up, and the tangled wings are tightened beside the weak body. The water drops are dripping on her flesh-coloured body, and she’s frozen. She does not make any movement. Certainly, all Birmingham beings are waiting for the moment when the rain will weaken and take a break. In fact, you thought wrong: another bird comes flying through the rain and landing right at the same moment on the same branch, and the two birds approach each other. The bird is no longer alone now.

Suddenly, your doorbell rings. You opened the door and all the melancholy of the rain disappeared: a young and sweet woman smiles at you. She’s the escort you’ve reserved for tonight. She is a gorgeous woman, much more beautiful than she is in the images on the website. Suddenly, the rain stops: in fact, it’s still raining, but you’ve forgotten the rain. You do not wait anymore and invite your guest in the living room of your Birmingham home. You are full of emotion and joy: you will enjoy the best time with a hot lady and the invisible rain will fall from heaven as the best guardian of pleasant memories.